Michael Jackson Talks With Geraldo Rivera

In a photo taken from video released by Fox, spoke with Geraldo Rivera during an interview on Fox News’ ‘At Large with Geraldo Rivera’. Jackson said in the television interview scheduled to air Saturday, (February 5) at 10 p.m. EST, that many of the news reports about him are ‘fiction’ and that his celebrity makes him a target. Jackson was barred by a gag order from talking about the molestation charges he faces. The picture has since been removed from Yahoo.

Jackson Wearing All Black

February 4, 2005 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Thursday night, “Are you following the Michael Jackson trial? Are you like me and think this guy might be a little weird? They’re doing jury selection and Michael showed up to court wearing all black. Do you think that’s such a good idea for a guy in his position to look like a priest?!”

Geraldo Rivera Previews Jacko Interview

February 4, 2005 – Geraldo Rivera of Fox News Channel, flanked by his much younger wife Erica, was videotaped on the streets of New York City telling paparazzi his interview with Michael Jackson, which airs on Saturday night at 10 PM ET, is the most comprehensive interview Jacko has ever given about the child molestation trial. Rivera said he believes Jackson is 100% innocent of all charges. Video has since been removed from lulop.de.

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