Michael Jackson’s Accuser Not Doing Well

Jamie Masada, the Hollywood comedy club owner who first brought together Michael Jackson and his accuser met with the boy a few days ago and spoke with The New York Daily News about it. “He only has one kidney and it’s failing him, and part of his face is swollen up,” Masada revealed. “His cancer’s in remission, but he worries if the cancer comes back, what’s going to happen.”

FBI Impounds XtraJet Videotape Of Michael Jackson

November 25, 2003 – On Tuesday night’s edition of Larry King Live on CNN, Larry interviewed Matthew Geragos, Mark’s brother and civil co-counsel for Michael Jackson in his child molestation case. And Brian Kabateck, also civil co-counsel for Jackson. And then he interviewed Ray Chandler, the uncle of the then 13-year-old who was the first to accuse Michael Jackson of child molestation 10 years ago. In the interview, Geragos revealed details on the XtraJet hidden videotape. “We learned just really within the last few hours from very reliable sources that, in fact, the tape itself, the equipment — we do not know about the jet — was impounded,” he said. “There was a FBI search with a warrant. So it appears that there must be a criminal investigation ongoing, which ironically, now with our restraining order, you know, the FBI now has the items.” Read more.

L.A. Police Find Scarier Mugshot Than Nick Nolte’s

November 25, 2003 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “You know all about Michael Jackson. Everything is so weird. But you knew it would eventually happen – the L.A. Police Department found a scarier mug shot than Nick Nolte’s… Michael Jackson was cuffed and taken off to jail – just like the guests at Neverland Ranch.”

Jackson Meets With His Priest

November 25, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “The big story continues to be the Michael Jackson scandal. Michael Jackson met with his priest today. Not for spiritual advice. They went on a double date. Apparently radio stations have stopped playing Michael Jackson’s records. To which Michael said, ‘Now I know how Latoya feels.’ According to a recent Gallup poll 17% of people have a favorable opinion of Jackson. Which puts him ahead of 8 of 9 Democratic candidates running for president.”

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Accuser Not Doing Well

  1. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    What if he’s to sick to attend court y’all? That will be really bad for their case, but good for Michael’s.

  2. devon22 says:

    They’d let him give testimony on a video played in court. Sometimes courts let children do that anyway if it would be too traumatic for them to go back into a room with the person who victimized them and be grilled. Or they could use a two way television feed like courts use sometimes to talk to prisoners still inside jail – that would be better for MJ’s side because they’d still get to do cross-examination.

  3. JMAX says:

    It sounds like they’re using this to get sympathy. I’m not saying I think MJ’s guilty or innocent, or that I don’t feel sorry for the boy. I just think the accuser’s health isn’t really relevant to the case itself (unless it means he is unable to go to court). So they better not try to use this to influence the other people involved.

  4. Ashley says:

    I think whatever is going on with Michael is his own business and all we can do is send our blessings. There should be NO room for all this negative talk. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.NO ONE IS PERFECT. Y’ALL JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS. Michael I have your back I might not feel your pain but I know about the pain.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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