Michael Lohan Denies Lindsay’s Half Sister Claim

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael responded to the 22-year-old’s MySpace blog talking about having a half-sister thanks to her dad cheating on her mother Dina while they were married. Michael strongly denied his daughter’s claim, suggesting there was a “99 percent chance” Lohan’s MySpace message was typed by her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Read more.

When Kristi Horn made the claim back in June that Lohan was the father of her child Ashley Kaufmann, he said at the time, “Why would someone without taking a test put something out there like this? What if it’s negative? What is that going to do to her own child and my children? Is this for the fame? There was correspondence where she said Ashley, her daughter, wants to be an actress, and she’s so talented.” Days after the news broke, Michael took a paternity test, but results of the test were never publicly revealed.

Did A Furious Argument With Lindsay Prompt Sam’s Hospital Visit?

Neighbors tell TMZ.com that the story behind heading to the hospital for exhaustion on Sunday before she went to the hospital was a huge shouting match with her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. One was heard screaming at the other, “You never say you love me”, with more back and forth yelling continuing before the nosy neighbors heard a glass break. Sam then screamed, “If you’re gonna break things get out of my house.” Read more.

Lindsay Lohan & Shop After Sam’s Exhaustion Scare

Hollywood.tv spotted Lindsay Lohan and on Monday (December 22), after Sam’s release from the hospital, where the DJ was reportedly treated for exhaustion. The pair were shopped at Maxfied and Satine Boutique in Los Angeles, where Ronson snickered when asked if her love for Lindsay was stronger than ever, and Lindsay slammed the door when asked the same about Sam. Watch footage below.

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