Michael Musto On Today’s Divas

Michael Musto of the Village Voice weighed in on Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. On Carey, he says, “Angel-voiced Mariah Carey recently changed her mind and swore she didn’t have a breakdown after all, she was just really tired—a revision I saw coming a diva mile away. Even wackier, she seemed embarrassed that her mom had called 911, as if that wasn’t the only human reaction to her daughter’s public meltdown.” And on Aguilera, Musto says she “seemed high on her own crack, bombing out with all that overstated ‘dirrty’ stuff—Grammy nomination notwithstanding—but at least she quickly bounced back with ‘Beautiful,’ a wonderfully sung statement of outcast pride replete with a video filled with gay guys kissing and a drag queen dressing—perfect images for the young woman who’s hung out at Beige.”

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