Michael Savage Blasts Madonna

The New York Post reports right wing radio host Michael Savage is blasting Madonna in his new book, ‘Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder’. Savage writes, “Here’s a woman who made a career as a pseudo-pornographic belly dancer cavorting with a whip, and now suddenly, after having a baby, she pretends to be a holy woman riding her bicycle in England on her country estate with her imbecilic buddy, Gwyneth Paltrow. They both fled America because America wasn’t clean enough for their offspring. In Madonna’s view, we’re a spiritually bankrupt nation – which she helped create! What could Madonna know about the sacred arm of Judaism? Answer: Nothing!”

William Donahue Blasts Madonna & Guy Ritchie Again

March 30, 2005 – Catholic League president William Donahue was on ‘Fox & Friends’ on Wednesday morning where he talked about the recent photo of Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie dressing as a nun and the Pope at a costume party. When told that a rep for the singer had said she was happy that the pictures were out there because her father would be proud because when she was a girl, she wanted to be a nun and she guesses she’s still a nun at heart, Donahue wasn’t impressed. “And Sinead O’Connor thinks she’s a priest,” he told the show’s conservative hosts. “There’s a place for these people called the asylum. I don’t know if she’s going down. People get dressed up as nuns and priests at Halloween and Mardigras.” Asked what’s different about them dressing like this, Donahue opined, “Here is a public face making a public splash. That’s the difference. She didn’t do this to be cute. She wanted to revive a failing career. She has had a track record. She’s a recidivist. That’s what somebody said to me yesterday, ‘Would you accept an apology?’ Of course I wouldn’t. Why would I accept an apology from one who is the female version of Ted Turner and they offend people over and over again. She’s a slug. Her husband is worse. They dressed up like the Pope when the man is dying. They pushed the boundaries out into the gutter.”

Madonna And Guy Ritchie Marriage Troubles?

March 30, 2005 – Us Weekly reports that Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie is in some trouble because the movie director is tiring of being bossed around by the Material Girl. “Madonna is used to getting what she wants, but Guy isn’t impressed by her diva behavior and rarely gives in to her,” a source said, though Madonna’s flack calls the speculation “not accurate.”

Catholic League President Slams Madonna & Guy Ritchie

March 29, 2005 – Madonna and Guy Ritchie are catching heat from Catholic League President William Donahue after they appeared at a London party celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim dressed as a nun and the Pope. “It just goes to show you what a moral slug this man [Ritchie] is that he would get dressed up as the Pope at a time like this,” Donahue fumed. Madonna previous prompted controversy by dressing as a nun in the music video ‘Like A Prayer’. “We Catholics thought we had finally gotten rid of the witch when she discovered Kabbalah,” Donahue said. “In the event she discovers the Wiccan religion, the Catholic League would be happy to donate a proper [witch] costume to her.”

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4 thoughts on “Michael Savage Blasts Madonna

  1. ihateoreilly says:

    How dare she and guy do this at a costume party! How dare they! The Catholic Church is a non-corrupt organization that is all moral and no sin. And the Pope..he is such a loving man!

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    No way? You don’t say? OMG!!! I can’t believe I never noticed. How dare he? WOW!!! He just discovered hot water!!! This took the world by surprise!!!! I’ve never heard that before!!!! MORON!

  3. jeepgrrl says:

    This guy is a jerk, but he’s dead on about Madonna, she is a complete hypocrite. She became famous through sleazy stunts exploiting sex, just to keep herself in the news. And she set the stage for today’s mediocre pop stars. As Joni Mitchell said about Madonna, “She has knocked the importance of having talent out of the arena.”

  4. ihateoreilly says:

    This guy is the same one who wishes all gays died of aids. Why is it that the right wingers say “Madonna is old and insignificant” yet, they trash her at EVERY opportunity. My gosh, is trashing Madonna a sure way to get attention these days? It is so pathetic..and even if you don’t like Madonna, you have to admit that I’m right.

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