Michelle Branch Asks: ‘Who Stole My Stuff?’

posted a new message to fans on Friday after getting robbed earlier this week while performing at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel. Branch writes:

Did you hear what happened in Vegas? It was all over the news. Someone broke into my room and Nelly’s room and stole a bunch of stuff. We’re gonna find the perps and hang “em out to dry.” The tour is going great. I’m home today before I leave for Japan tomorrow, but I have one thing to say before I go: You guys have kept my video on TRL for 3 weeks! PLEASE keep up the great work and PLEASE keep voting. I cant wait to see all of you on the second leg of my tour when I get back. Siyonara (as they say in Japan. I’m practicing before I go).

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