Michelle Branch Cancels Shows Due To Illness

Michelle Branch’s father David posted the following message on his daughter’s official website Saturday: “Sorry for not letting you know about the cancelled shows sooner but I was out of town and just got back home. Michelle is sick. She has a lingering problem with her throat and ears that gets aggravated when she performs too much. The doctor said the only way she can heal is to stop the back to back shows. We’re sorry but a lot of shows are cancelled and will not be re-scheduled on this tour. The new schedule is posted on the main page. Some of you are going to look at it and say it isn’t fair that my town was axed and that town wasn’t. Or why didn’t they do this and that? Please don’t try to second guess management. With Michelle’s health being the first priority, they had to really work hard to save the shows they did. Contact the place where you bought your ticket and they will refund your money. Sorry for the let down and thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support.”

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