Michelle Branch Chats With France’s Europe 2

Europe 2 in France has a six part interview with where the singer talks about difficulties singing in the morning, her thoughts about the country and the reception she has received, the guy in the French Coca Cola commercial she thinks is cute, they joked about Mariah Carey performing in the cold in a miniskirt during Zootopia, her love of classic rock and roll and new bands like Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Travis, and Audioslave. Branch also talked about how she didn’t understand Evanescence, calling them “Linkin Park with a girl singer.” Michelle said she missed the kiss at the VMAs, but said “good for them.”

Branch talked about the importance of composing her own music, which she said she enjoyed most out of the creative process. She said the biggest difference about her new album is that she’s grown up, and her first album was fictional since she didn’t have the life experiences to draw from. She joked about reading her message board and how she thought about responding when people ask, “Who has pictures of Michelle’s butt?”

Branch wrapped up the interview talking about the hard work involved with her career, calling it a dream job but not what it seems. She says she’s been around the world but hasn’t seen it. Branch then showed off her limited French speaking skills.

The interview has since been removed from europe2.fr.

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One thought on “Michelle Branch Chats With France’s Europe 2

  1. hellahooked says:

    aw Michelle is the best. I remember reading that on MBMB about “Who has pictures of Michelle’s butt?” very funny. cool, I’ll try and download it tonight or tomorrow!

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