Michelle Branch Defends Her Maxim Photos

Michelle Branch singer

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defended her controversial Maxim magazine spread in the winter 2003 issue of Echo magazine, taking a minor dig at in the process. “It’s not a big deal at all,” she says of the Maxim spread. “I’m a musician, and everyone knows this. I can’t make everyone happy, so I just do what I do and please myself. It wasn’t like I was laying there, butt-naked with a guitar covering my goods. [In my work] I’ve never done anything lewd. It was a fun time and I don’t regret it in the least.”

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8 thoughts on “Michelle Branch Defends Her Maxim Photos

  1. Jive says:

    She said she wasn’t there laying butt naked, but she was only wearing shorts. At least Christina’s guitar covered her boobs and her down under. She is like both Britney and Christina, coming of as something else and then self confessing sexual beasts. The interview was much more worse and I just lost respect for her. How could they dub her anti- Britney when she’s doing the same.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    These girls are soo funny. Britney and Michelle all the other ones too. Its like if Christina does something they can do it too. They always have to be like “No one said anything when Christina did this”… Girls just step off and let Chris be.

  3. jimmypee says:

    wow, yet another idiot who can’t be honest about why they were posing in magazines, and is trying to deflect the criticism onto someone else. just like flopney did in that Newsweek interview. lame.

    Exactly! never mind the fact that Christina got a HUNDRED times more flak than they did’, ‘despite her always being honest about it and never making chickensh** excuses and pointing fingers. they’re lame. and its no wonder Christina pointed out this hypocrisy, fakeness and dishonesty, in her Blender article.

    yeah at least she wasn’t covering up her tits with some pearls. she’s not sexy at all. the most airbrushed set of photos since….well, the last Britney photoshoot.

  4. getalifeyall says:

    Congrats Michelle baby! Michelle is a very talented artist who’s being taken so seriously that she wanted to have a little fun with her image. Who the f**k cares? She looks great and her pictures are very sexy and sophisticated. At least her legs aren’t spread apart with her crotch pointed at the camera like somebody’s were… And you Christina fans need to remember that Britney did Maxim and Rolling Stone long before Christina did. Britney was posing sexy way back when Christina was deciding which image to come out with next… Showgirl hooker or ghetto floozy… hmmm.

  5. hellahooked says:

    I agree Michelle. I know, at least you weren’t bucknaked wearing a guitar, how cheap was that photoshoot? It also was a disgrace that Christina was wearing a guitar when she doesn’t even play the instrument. You are a musician and you looked stunning in the pictures.. I must admit I was pretty shocked but yeah. Go Michelle!

    Have you noticed how all Christina Aguilera’s ‘semi-nude’ photos were cheap? You have her in Blender, in a thong, grabbing her boobs and giving the middle finger while playing in the water. On Rolling Stones you have her laying down, looking like a drag, fully naked and covering her privates with a musical instrument.. what the fu**? How cheap and such a disgrace. and so on.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    So not true, MTV tried to make Chris look like a hypocrite…’, ‘On her Stripped in New York special she was talking about how they just showed one girls full breast and just blurred out her nipples and then on her diary special MTV did that to her when she was doing the “Stripped” photo shoot. MTV new what they were doing, they totally made her look like a hypocrite. MTV is phucking stupid, they always try to make every artist look stupid.

  7. SelenaY143 says:

    ‘” I’ve never done anything lewd. ” That’s like saying: “I watch porn but that doesn’t mean I’m a pervert.” In which, it IS a perverted thing to be doing. That’s a degrading thing to even do. And what’s more degrading is that Michelle started off with a good, clean image… … she seemed like a sweet girl but like Spears and Aguilera, well, aren’t we mistaken again. Spears and Aguilera didn’t say: “I’m not gonna dress like a skank in the next 2 years” but did Michelle take her own words before? No. Look at what happened to another “good girl” flushed down the drain. This is sad. And I thought she was cool. Miss guitar player, dedicated song writer, and talented artist… I take back those words, Michelle. >:(

  8. kyip150 says:

    Michelle doesn’t need craphead fans who diss her for what she wears or doesn’t wear. If her “fans” are judging her by her looks instead of her music, then perhaps they’re not fans in the first place. Those “fans” are fans of her image, not her music. So go f**k a tree, haters.

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