Michelle Branch: I’m Not Pregnant

Michelle Branch checked in with fans on her official web site’s message board on Monday (December 31) reacting to a report in The New York Post on Sunday that said the 24-year-old singer is expecting her second baby with her 43-year-old husband Teddy Landau.

“Yesterday morning I started receiving calls and emails from people saying congratulations and I was very confused,” Branch wrote. “I am absolutely 110% not pregnant. While that would be an amazing thing, I am far too busy working to get this album out and will be too busy touring and promoting this album that this would be a terrible time to add to our little family. I have no idea how this happened. (Maybe it’s and they got confused ;) j/k)”

Branch and her The Wreckers bandmate Jessica Harp announced in August that they were putting the band on hold while they went forward with solo albums.

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