Michelle Branch Performs & Interviews On TRL

Michelle Branch stopped by the MTV Summer Beach House to perform her new track ‘Are You Happy Now?’ on Total Request Live. She chatted with Carson and during the MTV News segment, Branch showed SuChin Pak her neighborhood in Los Angeles, including her favorite plays to eat chicken wings. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: Say hello to gram grammy award winner Michelle Branch.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: What’s going on?

Michelle: What’s happening?

Michelle: Good. Not much.

Carson: You got to check out michelle’s life. You’ve blown up so much
since we first met. You played a show in chicago last night, doing some
of the “hotel paper” material out on the road. How’s that going?

Michelle: It’s doing good. We’re doing the total rock star, two hours
of sleep every day.

Carson: You did a show last night. What time was your call time this
morning in the lobby of the hotel?

Michelle: 4:45. Woke up at 4:00 and got in at 1:00 or so.

Carson: To make your way to our beach house. We’re so glad you did.
You’re going to play for us, we’re excited about.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: We should mention the new record, “hotel paper.” It’s out june
24. You’re a singer/songwriter. Is this song a big breakup song?

Michelle: “Are you happy now?” Is my big “I hate you” breakup song.

Carson: Every songwriter has to have at least one of those.

Michelle: It’s my first “i hate” song.

Carson:  Does it feel good to get this out?

Michelle: It’s really nice. It’sit’s cheaper than t therapy. I wonder
if they think, is that about me? We’ll see.

Carson: Maybe the small penis line gives it away.

Michelle: Maybe.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Is that a line in the song?

Michelle: That’s the remix.

Carson: That’s the 50 cent remix of your song.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: I should mention you’re doing dates with the dixie chicks.

Michelle: Yeah, i am.

Carson: How’d you guys —

Michelle: It’s really cool. I’m a big fan of theirs. And everybody kind
of goes, huh? But it’s going to be lot of fun. And I’m happy to be not
on tour with male rock bands for just a little bit.

Carson: Right.

Michelle: Chill out with the chicks.

Carson: We’re georgia to let you get set for second to rock. You have
a great band behind you.

Michelle: I love them.

Carson: You guys getting readyor Michelle Branch? You ready? Sit tight.
Erwe’re going to go ahead and watch good charlotte right now, “boys and
— “girls and boys.” And then michelle rips up the stage after this on

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: All right. That’s good charlotte, number 2, “I recall”girls
and boys.” Michelle’s going to hang poupt please welcome all t new york,ews,
john norris welcome to the beach house.

John: Hi, michelle. It’s not every week i get to deliver the news neck
to the subject of our news story, but in fact, michelle isereav on michelle.
And in the past, io, it’s just be like, one award after another, she’s
worked for some of the biggest people in music, carlos santana, rtly sheryl
crow recently.

Michelle: Yeah.

SuChin: Things happening for.It’s prompted by the title of that new
haow?,” En thoughhe justy about hating someone. We wanted to know mtv news
at Michelle Branch happy.

SuChin: Few spots t find out what puts a smile on this lady’s face.
So c this out.

[ Ch

are you happyow

SuChin: Well, the new single off of her new album cal”are you happy
now?”.” I drove all the way leer to her home in los angeles to see what
makes her happy. So you’re going to take me on a mini tour.

Michelle: Am. I’m going to a few places i spend a lot of time at. I’m
going to t you to an art gallery, my favorite place to eat and we’re going
to go to an awesom shoe store called undefeated.

SuChin: Sounds cool.

SuChin: So explain to me, what is it about shoe shopping that makes
you happy?

Michelle: I have absolutely no idea. It’s a little thing that you can
get for yourself, and i also think it’s because your foot never c se after
a certain time. So you’re never like, oh, i feel fat. My foot won’t fit
in this.

SuChin: Do you like them?

Michelle: I actually love these shoes.

SuChin: All right. So those shoes make you happy?

Michelle: These shoes absolutel make me happy, and they’re really comfortable.
I want to wear my happy shoes to our next happy fabulous place. I’m gog
to get these.

SuChin: So why does art make you happy?

Michelle: I don’t know. It’s another form of expression. I think i also
love it because ican’t do it. I admire it a lot. I could never, ever do
visual art. I wld never think of something like this. It’s very inspiring.
I think it shows — i if someone walks in my house and sees that on my
wall, it says something about me.

Michelle: We are at hot wings cafe. Greatest hot wings ever. But i only
eat wings.

SuChin: As opposed to?

Michelle: I don’t like the legs. They freak me out.

SuChin: Okay.

Michelle: They have like ligaments and stuff.

SuChin: All right. What is the hot wing technique Z.

Michelle: Okay. What I usually do is i get celery and i dip it in the

SuChin: Okay.

Michelle: In the ranch. And I use it kind of as a knife.

SuChin: Oh, god. You —

Michelle: And i spread it on the wings.

Michelle: So thank you.

SuChin: Thank you so much.

Michelle: That was great.

SuChin: I’m really happy as can be now. So that was fun. And I’m off.

[ Cheers and applause ]

SuChin: Thanks, michelle.

Michelle: I should have some hot wings.

Carson: You got hot wings. You got shoes. You got art. Not necessarily
in thatrd order, though. Right?

Michelle: No.

Carson: Let’s go back to the fact you don’t like to eat the legs of
the hot wings.

Michelle: It’s moogly. It’s ligaments. You bite into weird parts that
you don’t —

Carson: Wing, no problem.

Michelle: I’ll eat the wing, no problem.

Carson: There’s no good hot wings in L.A., By the way?

Michelle: I’ll take you when you come to L.A.

Carson: Okay. Thank you very much, john. You guys stick around, check
it out. You’re going to rook the place. We got to take a quick final break.
When we come bab, the most requested song. Spankin’ new music from michelle
branch. She’s going to rock the house right after this on “trl.” Here’s
what’s up for tomorrow.

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