Michelle Branch Posting Pulled Again — We Have It Here

Well again the controversial posting from Michelle Branch where she disses not only Vanessa Carlton, but was pulled from her official site’s message board again today. Luckily, anticipating such move, I’ve screen-capped the long posting leading up to answer #5. As well, Branch said of Mandy Moore, “I must admit, I loved reading off cue cards. I felt a bit like Mandy Moore ‘Hi Carson! This is Mandy. Here’s my new single ‘Crushhhhhh’ you like it!’ and she does that weird slur thing and then the signature Mandy look. Who knows? Do we all see being a V.J. in my near future? Probably not.” Read on for the screencap and entire transcript of the controversial posting, that given the detailed content would at the beginning would question whether it came from a hacker… though look for record execs to force that opinion down. Besides, the moderator has the IP’s of Michelle’s posts, and decided to republish it earlier today.

Picture proof of Michelle Branch posting

Since I have Irish roots and all, I have always loved this holiday. I am even wearing green so nobody pinches me! I am in London, going out to eat some fabulous Indian food in a moment, but I imagine back home my family is eating corned beef and cabbage for the holiday. (Good thing I’m not there because I’ve never liked it much, haha.)

I wonder when I am going to get a chance to go to Ireland and see where my relatives are from, county Cork.

Did I ever mention how much I love London??? It’s probably one of my top 3 favorite cities so far. Los Angeles at number 1 and Auckland, New Zealand at 2.

How was “The Hook Up”? I was so happy I could tell you all about urban cheerleading and O-Town, two of my favorite things *laughs because she is being very sarcastic* it’s funny they chose me to host that bit, but I must admit, I loved reading off cue cards. I felt a bit like Mandy Moore “Hi Carson! This is Mandy. Here’s my new single “Crushhhhhh” you like it!” and she does that weird slur thing and then the signature Mandy look. Who knows? Do we all see being a V.J. in my near future? Probably not.

I am suffering from major jet lag.
Can’t you tell?

Be well.
(my sis calls me that and it popped in my head)

and will you all stop fighting about Jen??
She’s my friend because she is always very opinionated and honest. Two traits I love in people. But those traits can also offend people. The best thing to do is just take a chill pill.

Now it’s time for…

10 question you’ve asked on the board that Michelle will now answer:

1. Is she dating anyone?
answer: no.

2. Is she a lesbian?
answer: although I am single, I can definitely say with confidence that I like men, guys, blokes, pains in the ars, boys, whatever you call’em. I barely even hang out with women. Can you imagine, “being” with one? Weird. Not that I am saying it’s a bad thing. Whatever floats your boat, ya know? Just not for me.

3. Do you think she looks like Jessica Alba?
answer: It would be a fine day if I woke up looking like her. For now though, unfortunately, I don’t see it.

4. If you could pic any celeb to date Michelle, who would you pick?
answer: Hayden Christensen or that guy who used to be on The Gilmore Girls, Chad Michael Murray. Yummy. This is a fun topic.

5. Does Michelle like Vanessa Carlton?
answer: Not one f*cking bit.

6. How do you work a microwave?
answer: Well, if you’ve found your way onto this message board, you can probably figure out how to press “start” on the microwave.

7. Anyone ever tried a Boca Burger?
answer: Yes I have, but they don’t taste good unless you cook them with onions and add loads of cheese.

8. Is Everywhere on the “Kate and Leopold” soundtrack? ‘cos I saw an ad for the movie yesterday, and Everywhere was playing! I had wanted 2 see the movie anyway – but now I REALLY want to see it…hehehe.
answer: It’s not on the soundtrack or even in the movie, but didn’t it just sound GREAT in the commercial??

9. What’s your favorite Lisa Loeb song?
answer: “Sandalwood”, hands down.

and finally, number 10 *drumroll please*
10. Why does everyone HERE like Michelle?
answer: I have no idea!!!

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7 thoughts on “Michelle Branch Posting Pulled Again — We Have It Here

  1. fictiongrl says:

    alright, not to step on any toes here, but for someone who’s had only one hit song, she sure is building quite an ego. if any of this stuff is true, which is going out on a limb, but if it is, I’ll stick up for Mandy and Vanessa by saying that at least they don’t talk ***** about fellow singers.

  2. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    GOD I love this girl now! Finally somebody in the public eye notices how fake, and shallow Mandy whore is, Michelle rules!

  3. allure says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not, there has been some controversy over it, but if it is I’d still be a fan anyways. She’s only expressing her opinion. She, just like all of us, has opinions too and she’s not going to sugarcoat her words like the pop girls do. She’s not fake.

  4. Sunny says:

    I agree with you. Whenever an artist says they like their rival (example: Christina saying she likes Britney) they call that artist “fake” and “liar”. Well now that Michelle isn’t being like that and is expressing her opinion about her rivals, everyone is angry!! At least she’s not being fake or lying. She’s being honest.

  5. chris says:

    I love it! You think Mandy is a phoney but Jessica “I said it was black yesterday but today I am saying it is white” Simpson is genuine?

  6. trace says:

    dude ok, first of all I don’t know who you are but lets get one thing straight… she is on her SECOND “hit” song so far and there are plenty more to come.

    It is true I can tell you that…Michelle posted it, it got pulled, she posted it again, and it got pulled. And I can say I was so ****ing happy when I read her saying that. At least she’s not fake. She says what she feels.

    Michelle writes her own music, she’s talented, and she’s real. She has said herself that she’s not going to change who she is for anyone. I think that makes her ten times better than any of those other “pop” stars.

    Everyone needs to chill out…people take **** too seriously. I guess it sucks for her now that every little thing she says is going to be analyzed. If people decide to stop being a fan because she is real then they don’t deserve to be listening to Michelle anyway.

    Michelle Branch kicks major ass and she’s my ****ing hero for saying what she wants to say and not caring about what people think of her…just like me!! :)

  7. iluvmichelle says:

    this post is bull. I’m a Michelle fan. I think Mandy is hot but Jessica just sucks. anyway, if you go to the URL in the so-called “proof” it will show you a post from Michelle called “Cheers!” it tells about her tour not that phoney post above. I think this is very unfair because Michelle is a great musician and this website is saying that she has an awful personality. she’s such a down-to-earth chick, I don’t know how you could do such thing to her.

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