Michelle Branch ‘Sooner Or Later’ Performance & Interview

Michelle Branch is interviewed about her new album 'Everything Comes And Goes' sat down for an interview with Billboard and followed it up with an performance of her new single ‘Sooner or Later’.

“My new album is coming out this winter, it’s called ‘Everything Comes And Goes’. I’m really excited because it’s the first solo record I’ve had in six years,” Branch said. “It’s hard because it’s my first record in six years, there’s a lot of different expectations from different people, and I do have a relationship with the pop side and now this new relationship with the country side, so it was a balance to make everybody happy. I think there was no doubt from day one that everyone was really, really excited about the project.”

As for the album’s first release, she said, “We all chose ‘Sooner Or Later’ to be the single. It was kind of a long process. When I was first in the studio and we were finishing writing that song, first putting it down, I immediately thought it was a single. I think it’s good because my fans of my early stuff will not think it’s necessarily too country… It’s a good starter.”

Watch the interview and performance below.

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