Michelle Branch: The Real Deal

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is Galaxie magazine’s cover artist of the month for the Malaysian magazine’s 2003 issue. The article talks about her new album and her writings. She says, “Anything can give me inspiration. I can watch a movie and come back feeling like I want to write a song or I could be on a plane watching a stranger eat a peanut and write a song about it.” She also talks bout her freedom in doing anything she wants and said, “When my album came out, the charts were dominated by and Christina Aguilera, so there were a lot of people who couldn’t understand why I was not dancing and blonde.” Michelle also mentions how glad she was when Santana said to her, “You’re the real deal.”

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Branch: The Real Deal

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    Michelle is the real deal. She is so rite! Why do fake whores like Tina & Britney dominate the charts? I think because of their teeny bopper fans and that they call in a few favors… ya know?!

  2. grprincess says:

    Are you a high school drop out? Well at least you are right about Christina being a whore.

  3. socram says:

    Why is she always comparing herself to other artists?

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