Michelle Branch To Be On Rove

will be performing ‘Are You Happy Now’ on Rove [Live]. The show will take place on Tuesday, August 12th at 9:30pm on Channel Ten Australia.

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5 thoughts on “Michelle Branch To Be On Rove

  1. mel_melanie says:

    I am so sick of that song.

  2. Elgato-2 says:

    Michelle rocks! :)

  3. linley56 says:

    I hope someone in Austalia can get the performance on their computer, so that they can put it out it on the MBMB for any Americans:)

  4. BringMeToLifee says:

    Musicman!! Why didn’t you leave my submission alone? It was prefect. I said “A friend of mine from Australia told me that blah blah…” and Note:Evanescence performance 2 weeks ago kicked ass!

  5. mattychick says:

    cool that will rock only if I could see it

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