Michelle Branch Visits TRL Thursday

was on with Carson Daly on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk about her concert Wednesday night where her label boss showed up. Branch also performed her hit ‘All You Wanted’ which was #4 on the TRL countdown. For a transcript of the brief chat, read on.

My first guest [actually Molly Sims was the first guest Carson], always happy when she’s here a great debut album called “The Spirit Room” did a show last night in new york. She will perform the hit song “All You Wanted” for us today. This is Michelle Branch, everybody.

Carson: How is it goin’.

Michelle Branch: Good.

Carson: Are you up to speed on the latest TRL stuff, Lance in outer space.

Michelle Branch: No I’m not, I’m not.

Carson: Michelle you come to town your own headlining tour. Lance is
going to outer space.

Michelle Branch: Lance is going to outer space.

Carson: He might not now, Brandy is pregnant.

Michelle Branch: I heard that.

Carson: It is true she is pregnant right.

Michelle Branch: It is true, I think isn’t it, ha-ha I don’t know.

Carson: How are you.

Michelle Branch: Good.

Carson: How was the show last night.

Michelle Branch: Phenomenal a really fun show.

Carson: Irving Plaza a cool place in new york to place sort of intimate but gets wild. I understand you had a special visitor last night.

Michelle Branch: Yeah I was playing on stage and I look up and Madonna was actually at my whole show watchin’, it was really, really cool.

Carson: She runs the label you are on.

Michelle Branch: My boss.

Carson: Not constantly at every show have you seen any of her shows.

Michelle Branch: No. I tried to see her in London.

Carson: Did you know she was comin’.

Michelle Branch: I did right before

Carson: Did it make you nervous.

Michelle Branch: A little bit I was wearing leather pants, yesterday was very hot I was like this is my first time wearing leather pants on
stage and oh, yeah, I’m used to it. Girl-talk.

Michelle Branch: ‘The Spirit Room’ is excellent your own headlining
tour you got the band and will play the song and we’re glad to have you. We’ll take a quick break. More with Michelle branch after this quick break and the rest of the top comin’ up.

Carson: ‘Had fun playin’ that game with Molly Simms. That was great.
Welcome back to the top 10 most requested videos. Michelle Branch’s song voted no. 4 today on TRL and she is here to perform it live. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michelle Branch.

Carson: Very nice work, “All You Wanted” no. 4 today on TRL today performed by Miss and the band. Thank you. One more time, guys. Make some noise. I don’t get a lesson today.

Michelle Branch: You don’t get a lesson.

Carson: You have to come back and give me a lesson. Enjoy the headlining tour. Congratulations and again thanks to the band. You have a great band there. Awesome. Michelle Branch “The Spirit Room” check it out and pick up a copy of the record and we’ll take a break right now. We’ll talk to Hilarie Burton and Michelle Kwathdz in salt lake for the Olympics and once again thanks to Michelle Branch. We’ll be right back.

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