Michelle Branch Wants People To Give Her A Break

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I was lurking around Message Board when I found a thread made by Michelle under ‘Anything You Want’. Michelle seemed upset and needed to vent. Read on for her response to a forum member who said he wasn’t going to buy her upcoming ‘Hotel Paper’ album.

Michelle – Administrator: posted April 25, 2003 04:10 PM

I really don’t understand people sometimes. I read this and I felt I needed to vent a little. This isn’t a post to point out one mbmb member, but more of a general statement. I was inspired after reading a post by Royireland stating:
” posted April 24, 2003 02:59 PM
Now,i’ve tried pleading my case with another mbmber but they wouldn’t hear me out so,i won’t be buying Meech’s sophmore record for two main reasons:
1.My experience of tsr and what i’ve heard from hp
2.Various other releases(eg.new U2,R.E.M.,Weezer records,and dvds)

1 explained-i like tsr,it’s a decent album,but i still think hp will be just more of the same,y’see:

Everywhere-4/5,Great,catchy,well-written tarck
You Get Me-2.5/5,Cliche ridden averageness let down by bad songwriting(secret garden?)
All You Wanted-4/5,Another qulaity tracka,nd the one that got me into Meech in the first place
You Set Me Free-2.5/5,Averageness with a side order of cliche again,bleah
Something to Sleep To-3/5,starts off dreadful,but redeems itself to be a decnt tune
Here with Me-3/5,awful canned drumming,decnt song
Sweet Misery-2/5,Ahh!so very irrattaing musically,average otherwise
If Only She Knew-2.5/5,a decent set of verses,an awkward chorus,aagin let down by the music
I’d Rather be in love-3/5,decent tune,that’s pretty much it,but it sounds a little generic
Goodbye to You-4.5/5-Great f’n song,simply
Drop in the Ocean-2/5,limp,lifeless crap with horrible canned drumming.bad way to fade out

and to answer the inevitable question,i’ve stayed here cause i like the boards.

Let flaming commence! “

I wish people would give me a ****ing break sometimes. Does the fact that I was 14 when I wrote that album mean anything to anyone? I feel like people see me now and assume I wrote those songs last month. I am soon to be 20 and I sure hope to God that my writing a music has improved. If not, THEN you can go on to talk about me in this fashion. But assuming things? Well, it makes me sad to see that sometimes people can just write something off that quickly. When is the last time they wrote a record? and at age 14? It just pisses me off. I worked so hard on this new album. I want people to walk away after listening to it and admitting “Wow. I guess she is an artist.” They don’t have to like it, but all I want is a little respect. Do I need to write bizarre hookless crap in order to be taken seriously as an artist? Or do I lose my credibility for being able to write commercial music? Because believe me, I can do both. I’ll make a deal with you Royireland and anyone else who agrees with him. Buy the new album when it comes out. Listen to it from start to finish (and more than once please) and then if you can’t find one thing you like about it, well, I’ll give you your money back.

Until then, keep your ego-ridden opinions to yourself.

I know one day this mouth of mine is gonna get me in trouble.

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