Michelle Branch Was Sick At SCSU Gig

According to a posting at ’s official forum, the singer was indeed sick and was forced to cancel a gig at Southern Connnecticut State University on Monday night, countering claims earlier posted that it involved a dispute with Maverick Records. Mideon writes, “If you were at the show you may have noticed that the students were security! And my best friend Katie Y. She lives in Neff Hall. FYI, got elected to backstage security. She called me this morning to tell me her story. And I quote: ‘Michelle was in the bathroom close to vomiting the entire time. She literally COULD NOT speak. She lost her voice. The only exciting part last night was the opener Joe Firstman getting naked in his room with the door wide open. But Michelle evidently was crying because when she left the bathroom for about the fourth time her mascara was running. She wanted to do the show. Her best friend was there and told me that she had a sinus infection that spread into her chest. Everybody was getting everything for her- like tea, medicine and such. They were even looking for somebody who could drive out nearby and get some throat drops or something!’ So before you know the facts I suggest stopping all the cute little lies. I have been a fan of her since forever and hearing this trash makes me mad. She WAS sick.”

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