Michelle Branch’s Lesson In Democracy

According to a couple fan sites, the singer posted a message to fans on her official website explaining why her message board was shut down. The politically charged statement has since been removed, no doubt after Branch’s record label Maverick found out about her remarks. “Now, I know that you were all pretty ticked off when the MBMB mysteriously vanished without an explanation as to whom or why,” Branch reportedly wrote. “I can tell you there were two reasons. One being that it is time for ‘THE WRECKERS’ board to be launched (yes, that’s right, we got the name The Wreckers!) and secondly because we wanted to make a political statement. It’s no big secret around here who I’m voting for. I’m sure a lot of you saw pictures of me playing at a Democratic Rally in Boston for Senator John Kerry. I didn’t play it for press or for the fact that you would all see the pictures and wonder how many times I could possibly wear the same shirt, no. I played that rally because I am very concerned with the state of our country – its future and OUR future. Imagine being a soldier at war and not understanding why exactly you are risking your life. Oil? Or Bin Laden? (He’s no threat; he posts here on the boards!!! Ha-ha. J/k) I was trying to make a point about freedom and democracy by shutting the boards down. I would compare our online community to a little democracy.”

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