Michelle Branch’s Maxim Worries

spoke with Us Weekly about her sexy photoshoot for Maxim, where she graces the cover of January’s issue. She says, “I was nervous that I’d get there, try on the outfits and they’d be like, ‘Never mind. We don’t want you anymore’.” The singer lunched on minestrone soup and chicken while listening to Led Zeppelin at the shoot.

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3 thoughts on “Michelle Branch’s Maxim Worries

  1. hellahooked says:

    All I have to say is that, Michelle looks stunning on the front cover! I find it bizarre how people are overreacting over a little thing like this. They should only care about the music not the image. Go Michelle!

  2. muzik_luver says:

    Michelle is now a hypocrite. I have loved her since the beginning but absolutely hated her when she was constantly making negative comments about Britney and Christina whenever they posed like this. She was always saying that they are all about the image and she’s all for the music and that she would never do anything like this. Well look at what she’s done now…Hypocrite!! I still love her music but I have lost respect for the person. (and its not because she’s posed like this…its the fact that she made negative comments about everyone else and said she would never.) That’s also why I hate Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain. Big ‘ol hypocrites!

  3. kyip150 says:

    1. Please state one moment when she said negative comments about Britney/Xtina. Her comments have only been stuff like “I could never dance like Britney, if you saw me dance, you’d return my record immediately” and that she wanted to duet with Christina if she could. (refer to other popdirt stories several pages later)

    2. One little photoshoot shouldn’t change anybody’s mind about if they were a fan or not, so if your ideas about image are bigger than her actual music, why are you considering yourself a fan of hers?

    3. She said she’d do this, once just for kicks from ElleGirl magazine. Please refer to the other topic under my post about the specific quote.

    4. Please state when she has made negative comments about artists, yet never apologized to them. (apologized to Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff already, so don’t bring it up. The comment concerning Evanescence isn’t really an insult, so don’t bring that up either.) [see popdirt stories, Michelle Branch’s message boards]

    5. When you make accusations, please support your facts with citations and/or other generally-known facts.

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