Michelle Branch’s Viewers Choice Award

Contributed by music09:

While you seem to have posted negative aspects of winning the Viewers Choice Award, I feel you should post the facts as well as hear both sides of the story. I as a fan voted an incredible amount of times. I also know for a fact many others did the same. Autovoters may have possibly been involved, however when you have thousands of people physically voting nonstop, the autovoters are irrelevant.

To say we cheated, is far from the truth and is not fair to say considering there were so many people voting on their own. She won a well deserved award. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is. On top of that she appreciates her fans like I’ve never seen before. The viewers choice award is not even close to the credibility she deserves, but it is a start.

Throwing around statements, which are not even based on facts saying “street team leader encourages cheating” or “her fans cheated” is not fair. If you would read all instead of half, you would notice how dedicated her fans are and how hard the street team leaders work. If you would base your facts alone on record sales, radio play, and MTV’s playlist you would recognize Michelle Branch has natural talent and really does not need help in becoming successful.

In case you were not aware her album sold 150,000 copies in the first week alone, debuting at number 2 on the top 200 billboard charts. So after, all her fan base isn’t exactly small.

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One thought on “Michelle Branch’s Viewers Choice Award

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    I agree! I never voted once last year but her fans just gave her what she deserved. So who cares? Most untalented singers win, it is unlikely that someone as talented as Michelle Branch would win. It’s all about looks and body!

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