Michelle Trachtenberg Catches The Wrath Of Lindsay Lohan After Parody

Star magazine reports that while partying at the Shore Club in Miami Beach recently, Lindsay Lohan lashed out at Michelle Trachtenberg after spotting the fellow actress across the room. “Those two hate each other, and Lindsay started screaming, ‘Get her the fu** outta here!'” a witness told the tab. “She was threatening to get physical and actually fight Michelle, saying, ‘I’ll kick her fu**ing ass!'” Fortunately, the pair never came to blows as Lohan left the club shortly after her startling outburst. Fans of the animated adult comedy series ‘Robot Chicken’ may recognize that Michelle was the voice of Lindsay in the episode ‘Celebrity Rocket’.

Lindsay Lohan Snubs Al Gore

The National Enquirer reports Lindsay Lohan was a no-show at former vice president Al Gore’s ‘Seeds of Tolerance’ event in Hollywood on December 14th, which the global warming guru was honored by other socially and politically conscious documentary filmmakers for his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. “Lindsay can kiss her friendship with Gore goodbye after snubbing him,” said an insider. Read more.

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One thought on “Michelle Trachtenberg Catches The Wrath Of Lindsay Lohan After Parody

  1. Frederick says:

    Funny thing is I heard that Michelle actually beat up Lindsay a couple years ago. Maybe that’s why she’s mad.

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