Mika ‘Live From Parc Des Prince’ DVD Trailer

Mika releases a trailer for his 'Live from Parc Des Prince', which comes out November 10th

A trailer for Mika’s new DVD ‘Live from Parc Des Prince’ has been posted at Island Records’ YouTube channel ahead of the disc’s November 10th release.

“I didn’t want to do anything normal,” said of the Paris gig before a crowd of 60,000. “I didn’t want to cut any corners. If anything I wanted to make life as difficult for everyone including myself as possible.”

added, “So we’re taking an existing gig and making it digitally delicious.” Watch the trailer below.

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One thought on “Mika ‘Live From Parc Des Prince’ DVD Trailer

  1. chicken tonight says:

    can’t wait til it’s out… he is such a great artist! go mika!

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