Mike Wallace Softens Stance On Britney Spears

Globe magazine has more details on being banned from appearing on ’60 Minutes’ over objections from veteran newsman Mike Wallace. In response to his promise to quit if the pop singer appeared during a recent NPR interview, an insider said, “Mike knows that ’60 Minutes’ is his last hurrah and it burns him that younger viewers don’t get what it’s all about and are tuning out. Britney Spears represents vapid youth in Mike’s mind and he hates it.”

Britney’s pal Nyla Price fumed, “Mike Wallace is just a grumpy old man. Britney is not just another pretty face. She’s a very intelligent young woman wo has some very good opinions on things.”

Wallace told the Globe, “ is a very successful, capable and attractive young woman. Down the line, when she’s lived a bit, she may very well fit the profile of a ’60 Minutes’ celebrity focus.”

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