Miley Cyrus Adds New Prizes To KCA Video Contest

Miley Cyrus talks about new prizes for her KCA contest on YouTube updated fans on the Miley and Mandy YouTube channel minus Mandy Jiroux, who wasn’t around, announcing she was adding new prizes to the vote for Miley at the Kids Choice Awards video contest.

“I want to let you guys know we’ve seen so many amazing videos that we added new cool prizes to the contest,” the ‘Hannah Montana’ star said. “We’re gonna put some head shots in there for people that did a great job. A copy of my book signed by me and Mandy. I think Mandy is gonna put some jewelry things in there. So that will be cool because you guys have made such amazing videos, so we’re definitely going to put in some personal things but definitely my book and CD and just cool signed things. There has seriously been so many amazing videos, so we can just pick two, so we added some cool little head shots and stuff in there.”

Watch the video below.

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  1. abrar says:

    hiiii Miley love ya

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