Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas Reportedly Break Up

The New York Post hears that 15-year-old Disney favorites of ‘Hannah Montana’ fame and of the have ended their brief relationship. “They just broke up, but not many people even knew they were going out,” an insider told Page Six. Cyrus’ rep responded, “We do not comment on our client’s personal life.”

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26 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus And Nick Jonas Reportedly Break Up

  1. bubbles23 says:

    if you ask me I think Miley and Nick should get back together I think they were a good couple and if they are arguing they should just say sorry to each other Miley and Nick if you read this I am going to tell you guys GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY

  2. Nadia-Niley 4 Everrr says:

    Well I think Miley and Nick should get back together they make the cutest couple ever and I really loved them together and well I think Nick and Miley still love each other and I agree with bubbles23 what she said and I feel so sad that they broke up and well they had problems that is why they broke up but I think NICK AND MILEY SHOULD GET BACK TOGETHER PLEASE BE NILEY AGAIN NOT NELENA AND THAT MEANS NOT SELENA (NO OFFENSE) PLEASE BE NILEY
    NILEY 4 EVER!!!!!!!:-)

  3. Nancy says:

    Niley rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like Nelena!!!!
    Niley 4 ever!!!!
    she will always rock!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bunnyboo says:

    I think Nick and Miley should get back together they make a great couple they look so cute together that’s ok if you guys argue or fight all of that in a relationship you can’t give up so easily try and try and everything will workout perfectly Nick come on she loves you don’t lose this opportunity second chances are always there and Miley I’m really disappointed in you what’s with all the half naked photos I didn’t expected all of this from you but that’s alright I’m still your biggest fan I’m outta here later bunnyboo coming all the way from Trinidad and Tobago a little island you never know of but check it out and come and do a show I’m buying exclusive tickets

  5. Rashawn says:

    I here that Nick saw her kiss this guy or he was mad she kissed him on stage

  6. Rashawn says:

    but I like him with Selena Gomez better

  7. Callei James says:

    Hi. I think that the topic of Nick and Miley is between Nick and Miley. I bet just about everyone who’s reading this has been in a relationship that has ended. I don’t think you’d want to have people telling a ton of rumors about you and your ex. so… DROP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. DOFIE jk nottelling my name!!! says:

    Okay. I just discovered that Nick and Miley broke up!!!!! Okay I had this gut who I liked and he asked me to the dance and then he like totally dumped me before the dance! I am still getting over it!!! :( boohoo

    BTW I’m 13 haha just saying

  9. Someone says:

    I think they made a great couple to, but oh well these things happen.

  10. Sabrina says:

    I love them together.
    I think they will go out again in the future
    they are just to cute(:

  11. vince says:

    I think they should back together.. but I don’t think they really broke up.. maybe they’re just trying to convince everyone that they split up so they can have a peaceful and private relationship and maybe they wanted people to talk about them so they used the “break up issues”..whatever the reason let’s give them privacy in their love issues.. I love Miley and Nick !!!

  12. alison says:

    I’m with a friend here & I have shown her the
    videos of Miley making fun of Selena.
    if you do not mind (fans of Miley) I was a big fan of Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez I was very happy when Nick J.was dating Miley when I heard that they broke up I got really sad I thought it was Nick’s fault but I was wrong!!!!
    It was your fault with Nick & paparazzi….
    if you gotta problem with gap tooth people tell me because my sister is a gaped toothed person I used to be a big big fan of yours but I made a mistake!!! (for Miley Cyrus) hope
    Selena & Nick for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. taylor says:

    Miley and Nick are over so quit talking bout it its a total waste of time people act like its some big deal but its a break up everybody has them and Nick and Miley are nothing special and Miley ain’t worth a breath

  14. nelena fans 4 ever says:

    Nelena forever, I knew that Selena and Nick broke up they are back together! the news that Joe said that anyone is more popular than Miley Cyrus that’s true he was dating her, but Selena Gomez and Nick back together! They didn’t broke now it’s very old what they are saying! How I know I’ve hot Selena’s e-mail and she said by the web cam that they were together and very happy and what the press is saying it’s very old, it’s a lot time ago they are saying things now that happen in 2008 but we are in 2009 so fu** you press!

  15. betsy says:

    I think he looks best with ME! Selena and him looked weird and Miley is retarded so.. he is mine :)

  16. valeria says:

    YES I honestly think Nick shouldn’t date Miley, they might be the most “cute” nowadays couple and some people may say they are next Brad-Angelina, but I just don’t like the couple! I think Nick is better with Selena or other teen actress :) I just don’t like Miley for him! But if he still choose her … well I’m going to have to deal with it. BUT NICK LOOKS BETTER WITH ME ;D haha I love him SO MUCH

  17. gillian says:

    Miley and Nick were a bad couple. Miley cheated on him like twice! and this lil what like 1 month dumb back together thing, I new wasn’t gonna last. how about some more Nelena or Nemi but not Nemi because Demi and Selena are bffs and dating your bff ex is well, well, you know what I mean.

  18. zohra says:

    I think Niley (Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas) are a awesome after I heard of there break up I could not sleep I felt so bad I want them back together so bad please both just apologize and get back together I love Niley and in the future
    Niley forever

  19. bianca says:

    I think that Miley Cyrus is so fake!! Nick deserves a true love, someone that really love him… I’M NOT TALKING OF CYRUS, I hope that they don’t get their selves together anymore!!! hate her!

  20. sianie says:

    I think Miley and Nick should get back together
    Miley rocks

  21. lizzie says:

    well if you check the date on mine its a little later than some of yours but I loved Miley Cyrus but then I heard SHE POLE DANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!:O omg! she was my idol and I really liked Niley they broke up make up then broke up again then I was on ad I heard Niley’s song before the storm its about the break up and that they’ll never hold each other again…….blah blah blah!!!! anyway I really don’t like Miley Cyrus anymore and I think Selena is better for him!!!!!!

    GO NELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. sophie says:

    I think Niley is a great couple I can’t believe they broke up and I hope they get back together soon as possible come on guys I need sleep since I heard the news I can’t sleep just get back together this is your fan talking here

  23. victoriia rossi says:

    I love you nick

  24. victoria rossi says:

    I love Nick Jonas and I think he hot and so sexy and cute

  25. leeah says:

    I just got a magazine it said that Miley Cyrus is Taylor Swift’s friend

  26. sarah says:

    I love Niley forever…
    i like Selena but I don’t like Nelena…
    nick & Miley you should get back together for all of your fans & I know that you still love each other….Miley Cyrus I am one of your biggest fan…love you…

    from your fan:sarah

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