Miley Cyrus Becomes A Popular Target For LA Paparazzi

Rachel Abramowitz of the Los Angeles Times profiled how the paparazzi are starting to devote more and more attention to , despite the ‘Hannah Montana’ star being only 15 years old. “She’s much more attractive than Britney Spears,” says Frank Griffin of the Bauer-Griffin paparazzi agency. “It’s much more of a success story. [Consumers] want to see success. They don’t want to see failure. If someone famous falls on their face, you have to report it … but Miley is going to steal all of Britney’s thunder. Kids want to see her. They don’t want to see ripped fishnets and fear and mascara-streaked cheeks.”

And since the Vanity Fair picture scandal, X17 boss Francois Navarre says the value of Miley’s images has skyrocketed. “She’s started to sell more,” Navarre revealed. “Now the pictures are going for a higher price. It used to be $300, and now it’s $2,000 for a picture. It has to be a nice picture. I have a couple of guys working on her. It’s not like Britney, where we have 24/7 coverage, but we are watching her. If she goes out of town, we try to follow her.”

But attorney Blair Berk, who has represented paparazzi targets Spears and Lindsay Lohan, expressed concern with someone so young being targetted by the pesky paps. “The problem with the paparazzi is they literally and figuratively take away your ability to be off camera,” she argued. “You’re never offstage. When you’re walking down a sidewalk and there are 50 cameras, it’s an entirely artificial existence. It seems to me, particularly with teenagers, there’s already so much self-consciousness. To force that on children who may be precocious – but that has nothing to do with how emotionally mature they are. I think it leads to disaster, frankly. From my perspective, during those formative years, the whole point is to be able to screw up and make wrong choices and have failures and learn how to deal with that and how to form character. To do that without any privacy is really unfair.” Read more.

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