Miley Cyrus Boycotts Gossip Sites

continues to frequently update her Twitter account, convincing her boyfriend Justin Gaston to join the micro-blogging service. Among the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s posts:

Justy just got a twitter yayy!!!! Someone has Justin Gaston so that is a fakkkeee!

I am not fake. P.s. I’m boycotting gossip sites :) I love my fans xoxo

Omgosh Justin just asked me what’s the big deal with Hello Kitty “its just a cat in a dress” GASP boys are sooo dumb!

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus Boycotts Gossip Sites

  1. kiah says:

    Hey, I just read the article and hav no idea what boycott means but the comment Miley wrote was pretty funny (’bout hello kitty.) xxx

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