Miley Cyrus Chat

Miley Cyrus chat

will be doing an online chat with fans on Saturday (March 28) at 1:30 PM ET, answering questions about the upcoming ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ soundtrack and film. Fans will be asked to use Twitter and “tweet” their questions to @mileychat and Miley will be answering them live through’s live video player.

Update: Here’s the video chat archive via YouTube:

A sampling of Cyrus’ responses:

On her favorite part of filming the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie, Cyrus said, “I loved going back home to Nashville. That was awesome. I got to hang out with my friends and meet a lot of cool people so that was nice.”

Asked about the favorite song she wrote, Cyrus responded, “I wish I would have wrote this one, but I didn’t, and that’s my favorite song right now. The favorite song I’ve written is probably ‘I Miss You’ because it was for my grandad. I wrote that before I was even working on the TV show, so I’m happy I wrote that.”

Quizzed about the most embarrassing moment on set of the movie, she confessed, “I fell. It’s not really embarrassing because I fall all the time. I fell because my heel got stuck. Don’t wear heels in Nashville, it’s just dumb. I was in the middle of a farm and I was wearing heels because obviously I don’t wear flats. I got stuck in the grass and fell over. And I got chiggers, which is really not fun because I fell. So yeah, not fun, you itch really bad, and it’s ten times worse than a mosquito bite.”

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  1. Elizabeth.Anwar says:

    I hate you Hannah fake Miley you suck you love boys you break up with a boy and then a other 1 and then a other 1 this cycle will keep going on and on..TTYL

  2. Deja says:

    Elisabeth that is really rude if you was her would you like people saying mean things to you like that.So respect her because,if you was her you would NOT like her saying mean things to you.Thanks and show respect to people!

  3. Daria and Karina says:

    I am your biggest fan and I was wondering when you are coming to visit in Edmonton? umm Whats up you could email me any time. Thanks love you lots

  4. alicia says:

    hey Miley I don’t think this is Miley Cyrus

  5. diamond says:

    i love your movie

  6. lorena says:

    Miley just so I can say I love you and never let one of those stupid haters stop you from doing what you believe is right for you to keep singing, and acting

  7. chelseajohnston says:

    hey Miley what’s up

  8. Miley Cyrus says:

    Hey Guys,
    Thank for the comments! You all are great fans! Don’t forget to get tickets to my
    my concert coming to towns near you! Just go to… for more info on buying tickets. I will be answering questions for fans who want to chat!
    Lots of Love.

  9. jennyka says:

    i miss you Miley Cyrus

  10. danutzu says:

    hello Miley I’m Daniel from Romania end I love your movie end I like you…

  11. danutzu says:

    I would like very much to read the book but I still do not know how I can make, deas I pray you tell me how can I contact with you…thanks

  12. Miruna says:

    hi Miley I’m from Romania and I love you,your songs and the new movie

  13. kim says:

    hi Miley?

    I’m your biggest fan
    I hope your concert here in Philippines

    i love your song and I also love your movie Hannah Montana

    always take care

    I love you so much Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana


    I love you so much!!!!

  14. jeanne L. brillo says:

    i hope you will concert here in the Philippines pleas….. I want you and your songs….i love your movie and shows…. I’m the number one fan of yours 4ever and ever…so pleas concert here I want to see you….. I hope you understand me…thanks

  15. Fanny says:

    hi Miley. I really love you. You are my favorite singer,actress and everything you can be.please write me back.

    thanks.please write something to my e-mail address.thanks.
    Fanni lots of love <3

  16. Fanny says:

    Fanny here again. I’m Hungarian.and why don’t you come to Hungary to do a concert??
    please write on my email address.

  17. Helen says:

    Hi Miley! I love you so much! I want to talk with you!

  18. diana says:

    hello majli

  19. diana says:


  20. abrar says:

    hi Miley how are you ? I love you so much and I want your e_mail so I can talk with you you are rock and your voice very rock and my friends love ya

  21. amanda says:

    hi Miley Cyrus I love you so much

  22. diana says:

    What’s up Miley

  23. sherintiger says:

    i love you Miley I want to be singer and actor in Disney
    but I don’t know how and I’m your biggest fan in the world
    i wonder are you love Egypt and you want visited
    and are you member in yahoo and give me your mail

  24. jacqueline says:

    hey my cousin is a huge fan are you there I love your music

  25. jacqueline says:

    hey you can text me at my yahoo messenger and we will chat

  26. sharizah says:

    hey Miley I am your biggest fan I love everything you own and make your my role model please write back please give me your cell phone number please ; ( and aim please I promise I wont give it out please !!!!!! so how is it over there and what are you doing now

  27. michael says:

    hey Miley you rock are you coming to Toronto-on to perform a concert because I have never been to any of your concerts I swear I am not lying ok

  28. Jessica says:

    Hey Miley you are the best I can’t believe you want to come to Australia YAY When will you be Coming to Australia I’m your 1 fan but everyone says That anyways I would love your E-mail so we can chat You are so cool

  29. Jessica says:

    Hi Miley Don’t stop people from letting you do what you believe in Because they are just jealous that you are more of a person then they are and are really pretty and everyone whats to be your friend and date you so don’t let people stop you!
    Jess From Australia

  30. margarita says:

    Hi Miley I just want to ask you one question when is your concert will be in Calgary?

  31. Rafalutzza says:

    Miley I love you!you are great ! I love your rock !

  32. Rafalutzza says:

    Miley you crazy.I like you doing in an age so.I love everything you do.I love your style.Follow all the episodes do not lose any.Romania love you Miley:X::X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

  33. Madina says:

    Hello Miley! I’m a big fan of you!!
    I hope you really Miley!

  34. Madina says:

    What is your e-mail?
    I have see on all place, all is Miley and this. But they don’t really , I hope you is! :))

  35. Ricardo Baltarejo says:

    Hi Miley, I am Ricardo I’m 13 years old and I am from Portugal.
    Can I be your friend? can you give me your e-mail so I can talk to you?


  36. Jabria says:

    hey Miley I love you

  37. Jabria says:

    I love you clothes and song love you Miley Cyrus

  38. kayci says:

    hey Miley you don’t know me yet but you will soon I am Kayci and when is your next concert I heard you are not allowed to give out your number because everyone will just keep calling but I’m not like that you should come down to Australia and do a concert here and did you hear about Michael Jackson?

  39. diana says:


  40. jasper maenpaa says:

    I love you send me something I’m you biggest fan ever :)

  41. jasper maenpaa says:

    I am from Finland :( I wanna see you concert in Finland come here :))))

  42. jasper maenpaa says:

    send me please something , I like you song and
    I’m your biggest fan ever I love you :)) I wanna meet you real
    life and I have nose ring you have to? ;)

  43. Rania says:

    hey Miley I am your biggest fan?u have skype? p.s you have its not really because many chats Miley says that they have odnoklasssniki its wrong its Russian page and Miley don’t know Russian?if in this chat is really Miley say me your Skype so please Miley?

  44. mari says:

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    hi Miley are one of the biggest fans of yours and Mias want to talk to you on skype. My Skype is irinutza95 ……… …. please come well

  50. vivian says:

    hey Miley how can I ask a guy out to a dance?

  51. angel says:

    hey! I’m a Miley Cyrus fan

  52. sharnilee says:

    hi Miley what’s up love I love you girl I am a tomboy some time but mostly my dog had babies and that are cute and one looks like your on I think Hannah Montana movie hope I see you later chat to you later and you to me hope

  53. sharnilee says:

    love you girl or sister

  54. wd says:

    you are so hot! I love you

  55. mm says:

    My God I love you Kteer I wish you all the best You are the best for me thank you Miley

  56. joe says:

    If I’m allowed following this loving you forever

  57. H&V says:

    I am your biggest fan! Can you speak German?

  58. NANCY says:


  59. Nick Cyrus says:

    hi Miley…this is me Nick…i miss you T_T

  60. Michael says:

    sup Miley I love all your songs I know you get this a lot but I’m your biggest fan LOL no but really I am and it well make me so happy
    if you write back please please please write

  61. miley cyrus says:

    hey guys I hope you y’all like me I will be in town soon

  62. kinzie says:

    Miley were you popular when you were not famous….

  63. Boom says:

    hi Miley what websites do you go on?

  64. Miley says:

    hi guys. just wanted to see how was going on the internet and I saw this site. I love ya all so I made another fan email address
    you can add me and chat. I’ll give ya autographs and I’ll answer all your questions.
    I’ll make time before tonight’s show.
    add me.

    xox miles ;x

  65. miley fan says:

    hi Miley I am 10 years old and worried about you because you’re psycho fan I love you Miley you speak Polish but I think Mandy can

  66. josh harding says:

    come visit me. do you know how ice skate? I will teach you.

  67. Luise says:


  68. one in million says:

    Miley can you visit your fans in Yemen pleas if you can pleas came to Yemen all my friends love you.thank you Miley

  69. one in million says:

    I love you Miley so much real love from my heart you are big star in my world

  70. Miley FAN1 says:

    Miley, I love you!!!!!Your are my role model..<33
    Are you coming in Finland?

  71. tenzin thupten says:

    Hannah you are my best friends a Tibetan boy, I am the only one who watching your movie Hannah Montana ever. So, I did not get your mail or chat id. So I give comment. Sorry for poor English

  72. YoMordi says:

    Hey Miley
    can I get your MSN ? please

  73. YoMordi says:

    or aim? please
    Love ya

  74. Anga says:

    hi Miley Anga is not my real name but I’m your fan I love your songs and I learned the dance hoe down though down or what ever its called if you have MSN please add me…

  75. Anga says:

    and also have you ever been in Edinburgh if you weren’t I hope you come soon… have lots of fun hehe ^_^

  76. Anga says:

    I can’t hear you very clearly in that video so it was hard for me hehe I at least I know some hehe

  77. shane says:

    love you Miley call me

  78. yoomordi says:

    please give me your MSN or AIM address.
    you rock

  79. Taylor says:

    Hey I’m Taylor obvious and you are my inspiration I love you I saw your concert in Hartford CT and I think it was really sweet of you to perform Thriller I was the one screaming I love you Miley if you could hear me and my bff so chat with me!!!

    Your biggest fan

  80. miley fan A says:

    Hey Miley please answer me is this chat is in 2009 that means it is not in 2010 , I am your huge fan!!!!

  81. anja says:

    hello Miley I am fan from you wear you go shopping? I coming from Thal this is in Switzerland and I like to see you this is a dream of my baby love you

  82. jamie b says:

    Hi I was wondering if you can give me your cell number? Its not like I’m gonna call and text all the time. please?

  83. erica says:

    hey Miley I love your songs

  84. erica says:

    hey Miley you are the best singer that I’ve meet

  85. erica says:

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  86. erica says:

    hey Miley I am your biggest fan lol……… haha

  87. KAYLA says:


  88. Taylor says:

    Hey Miles I really want to chat with you on Skype I have your sister noah’s but she’s never on and I understand that so I was wondering if you can tell me yours to! so we can chat!

    Love You Peace!

    P.S. love the Miley and Mandy show + Noie and Ems show!

  89. DEMI says:


  90. DEMI says:

    Hey miles I really want to chat with you on Skype I have your sister Noah’s but she’s never on and I understand that so I was wondering if you can tell me yours to! so we can chat!

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  92. angelica venegas says:

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  93. angelica venegas says:

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  94. samantha says:

    hi Miley you are cute I wish I can be your friend;]

  95. James Banks says:

    How are you doing in school right now Miley

  96. nicole says:


  97. taylor green says:

    hey my name is Taylor Green and I am a huge fan Hannah Montana I watch every single show I never misses any episodes ever I love you my favorite song is true friend you rock my world I love you

  98. lizzie says:

    I’m friends with some of Miley’s old friends including Lesley Patterson and Madi Wells and I got her email from them, she’s so sweet on email but of course she doesn’t reply fast!

  99. teoooo says:

    Hi! MILEY I am Georgian and I don’t know English very well! I want to talk with you

  100. Loly says:

    hi Miley I am a huge fan I really want to see you I love you so much

  101. december says:

    how are you today Miley

  102. SHAMARA says:

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  103. SHAMARA says:

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  104. SHAMARA says:

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  106. oriahna johnson says:

    hi Miley your so awesome I loved you when I was 6 but truth is I have never been to one of your concerts so I just wasn’t to chat with you bye and rock on and I love your songs

  107. oriahna johnson says:

    Hi Miley I loved you when I was 6 so truth is I had never been to your concerts bye and rock on and I love your songs

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  109. jessica says:

    what up Miley Cyrus what new

  110. Xatia says:

    Hi Miley, How are you? I love you so much,maybe I’m not your #1 fan,but I love you and I adore u.Can you tell me will you come in Georgia? (not USA’s state) sorry for my English.I want to know your Skype,please this is my Skype and if you want add me —> xatiaxatia907 do you have page? There are many clones. Please make odnoklassniki’s page,there are many your fans.and they want to chat with u.and I want to.kiss ya and love ya so much my ANGEL :*:*:*

  111. dallya says:

    hey what’s up Hannah um I like your new show Miley says goodbye!! Matter of fact I saw a horse that looked just like bluejeans?? umm do you really ride horses I do it is so fun so when you send me a message back let me no what you say ok well I will talk with you later and can you give me your number??????

  112. crissy says:

    hey Miley what’s up how are you doing?

  113. crissy says:

    and are you the real Miley Cyrus?

  114. retag hatim says:

    I love you Miley this is my email add me ok and about way I’m Triboli and can I have you email please

  115. retag hatim says:

    I am from triboli

  116. retag hatim says:

    and I am girl and this summer I will come in the USA and maybe I say maybe meet you in person with my friend she name Nadin I love you bye

  117. Pim says:

    hi, Miley Cyrus I’m think you cute, and you are very good to dance. I’m like “Cant Be Tamed” song, that is my favorite.

    I’m like the new “Movie”

    My name is: Pim Emlistid

  118. klaudja says:

    hey Miley can I chat with you….

  119. i.m. mileyfan says:

    hi Miley I be a great fan you

  120. diana says:

    Hi I love you Miley Cyrus you are the best<33<3<3love you my heart

  121. oriahna says:

    Miley you are so awesome rock on love #1 fan oriahna have a nice day

  122. shilpi tiwari says:

    Hey!! Miley I just can’t believe that I am sending you email. I am your biggest fan in fact I made my e-mail id on your name. My Nick name is also MILEY CYRUS given by my friends. I was trying to get your all songs but I don’t know from where do I get them???????? so please tell me.

  123. shilpi tiwari says:


  124. shilpi tiwari says:


  125. shilpi tiwari says:


  126. sachin tiwari says:

    Hi…. I am not a big fan of yours but I usually watch your show Hannah Montana. I like that but the role of lily is better than you.
    sorry ……..
    bye quity………..

  127. shilpi tiwari says:

    I hate you Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was your big fan till I send you scrap but you stone hearted didn’t reply. I HATE YOU

  128. Tiana says:

    I am such a big fan of you Miley Cyrus known as Hannah Montana love Tiana

  129. mindex ??? says:

    hi Miley you are so beautiful I I love you my number contact me

  130. Andrey says:

    You are very cool girl

  131. Elene says:

    Hey Miley… I’m the biggest fan of you, and wanna ask you the question…..everybody says that you have the account in think it’s not a true, but anyway wanna ask you..are you in

  132. nikita says:

    I’m 11 I love your music

  133. Teo says:

    why you need to have a credit card to get into the ”Miley world”? I mean if You like the best for your fans why should they pay??!?!?!

  134. Miley Cyrus says:

    thanks Guys for your comment and I live you too

  135. jessica legerton says:

    hi everyone how are you all

  136. hazar says:

    hey Hanna I love you I am a big fan of yours please send me your email ok I love you so much

  137. jenni says:


  138. SUE says:

    hi Miley

  139. justin says:

    hey Miley I will see more videos with you and Dave make a surprise for him

  140. pim says:

    Miley what’s your e-mail address

  141. dina says:

    Miley I love you so much ! when you will come in Romania ??

  142. hayley brooks says:

    hay Miley I love you I hope we can be friends I can’t wait be friends love ya ,
    Hayley brooks

  143. juan says:

    hi Miley Cyrus you are great real I need talk to you I’m 18 I live in Florida

  144. joshua says:

    please Miley go to my house in Pekin, IL

  145. jessica says:

    Hey Miley I was talking to you so you are at a concert now or getting ready for 1 now and can you Skype later at 9? so you and Nick are just friends so embarrassing . Can”t you do some thing and you have to or you can be on TMZ now

  146. jessica and tabi says:

    hey so can you Skype in 10 minutes? Can We meet Nick later in person. Hi my name is Tabi. Can I come over later?

  147. shamistha dias says:

    hello Miley,

    hi, I’m the biggest fan in the world. I like to meet you but I can’t. Because I’m in Sri Lanka and it is a beautiful country so if you want to visit to our country come. if you are coming come to Colombo. ok Because I’m all so going to be a pop star. bye.

  148. shamistha dias says:

    and send me your e-mail and phone number
    I am 11 years old. and I love you so much. bye.

  149. abby says:

    hi I hope you the best when you wright a new song. bye and I <3 the dresses you where and a.k.a where do you get them?

  150. abby says:

    hi Miley I <3 the dresses you where and a.k.a where do you get them?and thanks for god and you bye speak back in 30 secs ok bye

  151. BOMBONICA says:


  152. kevin says:

    you are awesome

  153. miley says:

    Emily best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Mileyisthebest:) says:

    hi Miley you Ok? hope you are ok? I’m your biggest fan I love Miley and Hannah but I especially you because your the best
    always my dream to be you now wish was you but I’m not

  155. mileycyrushater says:

    I hate you

  156. danny says:

    hi, Miley….It’s me Danny!Do you have real Skype and camera?

  157. danny says:

    hi Miley………..It’s me Danny do you have real Skype and video?….reply please love ya !

  158. trayona says:

    hi I love your show

  159. CADASHA says:

    Miley your my 2nd favorite singer

  160. CADASHA says:

    You and Lilly rock on Hannah Montanah

  161. leslie says:

    hi I am a fan of yours you are pretty and I like your rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR BYE

  162. leslie says:

    hi me again you now I like a boy in my school he is so cute do you like someone?

  163. Sakura says:

    Miley love($)

  164. murka says:

    Miley I am the biggest fan of you I and my friend love you

  165. rhym says:

    hi Miley..your good at everything. I wish you have concert in our country…if you like it..god bless you

  166. katelyn says:

    hey Miley Cyrus I am your BIGGEST fan ever right back please come to Texas

  167. Christina says:

    Miley can I have the code for breakout because I can’t get on Miley world my dad said no so can you give me the code and I can’t find the breakout CD so please can you give me the code I love you by the way a lot

  168. brayden says:

    your songs are awesome
    who inspires you
    do you like Justin Bieber
    i play football

  169. Miley Cyrus says:

    Thank you guys for comments! You are great fans!
    But sometimes I don’t write because i am busy person.!*

  170. sama says:

    hi Miley I love you so much you are the best singer and girl ever I love you so much your voice is amazing and I will always love you Miley please chat with me I love you

  171. deepak says:

    hay Miley, I am Deepak from India. I love you Miley,i know that you hear it so many times but I am just trying.if you read this contact me.i am only you and may god give you all success and complete your all wish

  172. KEKE says:


  173. jennifer says:

    what’s up so.

  174. Miley cyrus says:

    Hi guys it’s me Miley

  175. tabitha Vnosteer says:

    my birthday is April 16

  176. Mechanic says:

    Can I be your slave ?

  177. milliy says:

    hi Miley you are one of my best star

  178. milliy says:

    hi Miley my name is Milliy and I am 8 years old I like
    every thing you do you are the best pop star Ive met in
    oh I forgot to tell you that I am not from Kuwait
    I’m from Lebanon but I am not mean I am trying to be nice.

  179. mariam says:

    yes xatia is right we all loves you and please come to the Georgia please and also give us a Skype name please

    love Maro

  180. deepak says:

    Hi Miley Cyrus, I seem that you didn’t give me answer but I am going to ask you again that I went to meet you so please give me your number. your lover dk

  181. zara says:

    hi Miley I am a big fan I really like you I need your help please reply me on my email please I am waiting

  182. JASMINE says:

    hey Miley how much are your tickets

  183. Jahnvi says:

    Hi Miley how are you its nice talking to you i love you I am 8 years old. I am a fan of you. I miss you. Hugs and kisses from me…..

  184. Korie says:

    Hey!!!!! I am 9 years old and I love your music and you I am your number one fan so please write back

  185. Taleigha says:

    Miley um I won’t to no why you lap Dance I am 10 years old

  186. Taleigha says:

    Miley I love you and what was you faverut part about doing the move the last song

  187. Miley cyrus says:

    Hey guys it’s me Miley thanks for being trait fans and come to my next concert

  188. Selena Gomez says:

    Miley hey it’s me Selena I no you are busy but wanna go get something to eat latter um hey I lost your phone number cane you give it to me

  189. Taleigha says:

    Hey Miley how old are you and do you really have you nose Pierced do you have tattoos well sorry I do not I have only one per sing and only 4 permanent tattoos lololo I am10 years old thought I must be out of my mind just kidding I love dancing and I no everything about you I no your songs and I sometimes do crazy dance moves just like you hugs and kisses and if you call me Miley you cane here me sing I cane sing fast like Nikki Minaj and slow but with a beat like you I have a felling I am going to be a pop stare just like you and I am going to record a song my dad got me a recording contract so hopefully we will be friends in the Future but for now I guess you just wanna focus on music

  190. Claire says:

    Hey Miley I love you you are the best.PLEASE text back.

    PS. I love your song the climb

  191. ERICA says:


  192. Brooke says:

    I am a HUGE fan and i hope you can get back to me i need to talk to you my brother died and i need help lots of help please

  193. Mage says:

    hello Miley I’m you big fan! I want to ask you some questions and can you answer them please?

  194. sandra ejituwu says:

    hey miley! i was wondering if u like having a friend/fan who is a black girl. I am a Nigerian and i adore u. i would like to be your friend.

  195. cute selena says:

    hi miley it’s me selena
    how r u?

    miley please reply

    hi miley it’s me selena how r u? please reply

  196. aaliyah,tishanna,zaria,shalom,amelia,jenine,kayen,faith. says:

    mily i love your songs i listen to it all the time i feel so happy that somebody with some life cloud come up on stage and perform but some peaple i want to know if you cloud come down too trinidad and tobago and perform if you can?

  197. giorgi says:

    Hi Miley Cyrus I em your biggest fan and I love you please chat with me please

  198. JUSTIN BIEBER says:


  199. alexis says:

    all my guy friends love Miley Cyrus they all say she is cute…BUT they say I am CUTER!

  200. sally says:

    I hate you Miley Cyrus because you smoke

  201. manny says:

    DEAR MILEY PLEASE call me I live in Pakistan. I need to talk to you

  202. miley says:

    hey finally thank you for saying that Selena love Miley

  203. sierra briseno says:

    I am your biggest fan and I love you and how are you Miley

  204. tayshia says:

    how your doing

  205. bethany says:

    Hi Miley I love your new songs I really liked it a lot my mama a fan of yours I hope did you get new CD came out yesterday or I can see you I can hang out with you or not

  206. sally says:

    hey Miley Cyrus I trying to meet you because u not answering from my cell so i trying to meet you so i want you are my bff and please text me

  207. sally says:

    hey ho are u how are u going on anything u like that?

  208. mary says:

    hello this is diamond

  209. Amy Holloway says:

    How did you feel when you came out of the closet?

  210. miley says:

    hi guys im miley real

  211. Mileyreal says:

    Thanks for all comments I don’t have time to back your comments I’m really sorry for all I love u all???????????????????

  212. Tristan nevill says:

    hey Miley Cyrus I’m your fan of your show and it’s so funny Miley Cyrus I have a question for you is will you please help me with my singing voice thank you Miley Cyrus you are ever I wish to meet you in person you rock my world your friend Tristan nevill

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