Miley Cyrus Discusses ‘Bolt’, Drops Code Words

MTV Movies Blog spoke with about her new film ‘Bolt’, where the teen star talked about the future of ‘Hannah Montana’, her desire to record a country album, wanting to do an action movie, feeling she has “just enough fun” in her life, and future movie projects on her plate – all while slipping two code words into their chat to win a bet with a handful of Disney publicists.

“I want the TV show to continue as long as it can,” Cyrus said about the future of ‘Hannah Montana’. “I can’t really tell exactly what the future would be like because I didn’t think in the beginning that it would be what it was. I like letting it do its own thing.”

On how she’s changed the past year, Cyrus said, “I just think I’ve matured a lot and I’m really happy. I haven’t really thought that much into it. I haven’t let my career be super planned out, it’s just let life take its toll, and it’s done pretty well so far. The more you think about it too much, it becomes rehearsed. I just like how it’s been spontaneous, my whole career.”

As for future film roles, she said, “I’d love to do some more movies, and I’ve got a couple of things in the project, a couple of projects that are in the process as we speak. People are working on it and that kind of stuff, but definitely nothing that I’m looking too far into, so I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Watch the interview below.

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