Miley Cyrus Encounters Rude Woman In Costa Rica

Miley Cyrus, seen here giving fans the peace sign on YouTube, didn't have such a peaceful encounter in Costa Rica checked in with her Twitter followers (@MileyCyrus) on Friday after video footage surfaced from the star’s vacation stop in Costa Rica, where the 19-year-old was seen trying to board a helicopter with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, stopping first to pose for photos before telling Liam they had to get going. When Miley walked away, one “fan” yelled out, “A**hole!” Miley then turned around and told the rude person, “What the f**k? Are you for real?” Watch it via YouTube below.

Miley writes:

Been trying not to tweet & just enjoy the holidays but just to clear something up I would NEVER swear to a fan. When someone yells something SO rude making ME look like an “a**hole” in front of fans who I am more than happy to take a picture with I can’t tolerate that kind of rudeness. Everyone who was there apologized for the woman’s brusque behavior. She obviously wasn’t a fan. everyone has a Merry Christmas! LOVE TO ALL!

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus Encounters Rude Woman In Costa Rica

  1. Ceriese Jenkins Palmer says:

    Miley sweet,

    I think you are right you shouldn’t have to cope with this disgraceful rudeness,
    I am not saying you are bad but like, which person doesn’t swear when your angry you swear and you can’t help it SOMETIMES. Wow everyone makes a big deal of you swearing, when you went drugs. Miley listen to your friend Mandy she knows what she is doing.

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