Miley Cyrus Enjoying New York Before ‘Today’ Show Performance

Miley and Braison Cyrus

checked in with her Twitter followers on Thursday (August 27), the day before the ‘Hannah Montana’ star performs on the ‘Today’ show at Rockefeller Center in New York City. The 16-year-old writes:

@AshleeNino Amen sister! I’m starvvvving! A biggg slice of NY pizza sounds divvvvine!

Having sushi at the dopest place in NYC wiff my baby brother and Sal! Yummyyy!

@thedoctorluke dude! I gotta take you to this sushi place in NY! Sooo good :)

@penwellj007 omgosh! Thank you so much :) I’m so excited for the today show! See ya bright and early bud! :)

Having QT wiff my LITTLE brudder :)

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4 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Enjoying New York Before ‘Today’ Show Performance

  1. valentina says:

    hello Miley are Valentina live in Cremona and I’m your first fan, I and my friend we all come to see all your concerts. are always beautiful!

  2. BFF says:

    Miley is my favorite singer. Because she sing four perfect songs.Here there are Just Like You,Best Of Both Worlds, and I got Nerve.

  3. BFF says:

    Miley your movie is beautiful.And all I dream is that someday maybe I become just like you.

  4. BFF says:

    MY Real name Is Martina.I am bored here I do not have any of the friends,but your song True Friend is giving me a hope that someday I will have a friend.Thank you Miley.

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