Miley Cyrus Giving A Make-Over

Miley Cyrus photoshoot for Mileyworld

updated fans on her Twitter yesterday, talking about changes to her official web site and a fan site’s support. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes: is getting a make-over!!! Yayy :) I haven’t been able to Mileyworld as much because were remodeling some stuff! I’m stoked :)

“I got gloss on my lips and a man on my hips” who doesn’t want to be Beyonce? :)

Photoshoot for Mileyworld!!! :)

Thank you for all the support! You rock!!! :) thanks for voting for me for TCA!

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15 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Giving A Make-Over

  1. keeley hunt ann : ) says:

    hiya Miley Cyrus I love you yay I love your songs especially the climb .i can’t stop sing it and your pretty :) love ya ya

  2. Holly says:

    Hi Miley, I love your songs. The ones I like the most are “The climb” and “You and me together.” Your movie was great, and I also think your really,really pretty. hope you remember me, See ya

  3. Holly says:

    Miley, my name is Holly (that’s me from before) I also want to know when your coming to Australia? If you are please come to Melbourne so I can meet you.

  4. ashlyn says:

    yes Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana needs a makeover right now in 2009 she is tacky as Hannah Montana and as Miley Cyrus my answer is yes she needs a makeover bye everybody and a million times yes she needs a makeover

  5. antoni says:

    you are beautiful

  6. Alexis McCarron says:

    Hi Miley, you are the best singer I ever heard. you are my role model I wish I was your sister cause I know you are so nice. I have an older brother and he is 17 and he is always mean to me. I wish I had a big sister like you so I could look up to her. I also have a 7 year old sister and we get along but not always. When I grow up I want to be a drummer and like you say and other celebrities say follow your dreams and that’s what I will do.

  7. Alexis McCarron says:

    hi Miley it is me Alexis again I want know if you think you will ever come to Delaware or Philadelphia? I live in Claymont Delaware. I have a list if all the celebrities I would like to meet I have met one of them already and her name is Vanessa Hudgens I am sure you know her.

  8. Logan says:

    hey Miley!!! I love the music! I really love the stand up 2 cancer one…because I just got over cancer!! I am 16 just like you and your song really inspired me!! THANK YOU!!
    please write back I would really like to talk to you!!


    So PLEASE write back


  9. brooke says:

    Hay Miley I loved all your songs from when they first came out I think you are an inspiration to a lot of girls

  10. hareem says:

    hi Miley I am Harem I live in Pakistan … will you ever come to Pakistan .. my dream is to meet you .. I love singing my self but I am a Muslim so…. you are really lucky….please come and visit me my father is in army
    the place where I live is beautiful

  11. zija says:

    Hi!!!!!! I love Miley!!!!! She is the best!!!!!! She is the best singer and actor in the world!!!my room is full of Miley’s posters!!! :))))))))… peace

  12. summer says:

    love you Miley you are the best you are my inspiration when I see you I know I can be anything I want to be you have made it possible for me to feel this way keep doing what you are doing and rock on I will be where you are someday

  13. sHABANU says:

    I don’t know..she didn’t NEED it…she’s already so beautiful!!!!! But..a girl always feels a good after a total makeover!!!!
    I <3 you Miley!!!

  14. Shabanu says:

    She’s already so beautiful!!! She didn’t NEED it!!! She’s the queen!!! I LOVE YA MILEY!!!!

  15. Liliana Arguello says:


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