Miley Cyrus Offers Twitter Followers Beauty Tips

Miley Cyrus credits clear face to Sensai

is continuing to offer praise for Sensai by Kanebo while offering her Twitter followers beauty advice. Among the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s dozens of tweets about the subject:

This picture would’ve never been tweeted before Sensai by Kanebo came into my life! They make clear skin possible! :)

Boys are definitely not loving my tweets tonight ha! Beauty tips are fun! :) I love hearing yalls secrets too! Girls night with my tweeters!

@ErikaaRose My mommy says your never too young to use an eye cream. I love my Yonka cream, it helps brighten and take away puffiness.

P.S. Nothing makes you glow more than love. It’s all about love. Please never forget how beautiful you are girls. You are perfect. =]

One thing that really helped me when I was struggling was realizing no one is a better me. Everyone is so unique and no one else is

a more beautiful you than YOU. Everyone is perfect in the LORDS eyes because he made you just they way he wanted. Every freckle.

someone just called me the “Oprah of Twitter” HA! I don’t know if I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life! hahahahhahahahhahaa =]

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4 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Offers Twitter Followers Beauty Tips

  1. Emily says:

    hey,Miley thanks for the beauty tips!

  2. mehr says:

    Miley, God you are so pretty.. I followed your beauty actually worked.. I am a big fan of yours..what I like the most about you is your smile… it’s so cute….love you Miley..

  3. jaspreet says:

    how can I maintain my face cute and clean and clear

  4. Oh so jealous... says:

    You surely can’t help but look cool when pouting your lips and throwing up the deuces. Oh Miley, how do you do it?

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