Miley Cyrus Promotes ‘Bolt’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Miley Cyrus was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Friday night, promoting her new film ‘Bolt’ and the platinum edition of her album ‘Breakout’. The teen talked about her having a non show business job cleaning windows, her 16th birthday bash at Disneyland, learning how to drive now that she’s going to turn 16 next week, and her dating life. Read on for a rough, computer generated transcript.

Jay: All right. My first guest, the star of the hit Disney series “Hannah
Montana.” A special platinum edition of her current CD and DVD “Breakout”
will be released this Tuesday. Her new movie “Bolt” will be in theaters
next Friday. Please welcome Miley Cyrus.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Well, see, they chuckled when I said I’ve seen you riding your
bike. I have seen you riding your bike. The time.

Jay: That’s right, I see you on the — but see, you’re a normal person,
and I like that.

Miley: Yeah, I’m normal. But with, like, 25 extra cars following me,
and cameras. Totally normal.

Jay: Well, you had the number-one movie. You had the number-one album,
number-one TV series. That’s pretty good.

Miley: Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: I was thinking about you. I was thinking, you know, as I was going over the notes, I realized you’ve probably never had any job except show
business. Did you ever have any job that wasn’t show business?

Miley: I did. It wasn’t exactly — it didn’t bring in as many customers
as I had wanted.

Jay: Right.

Miley: I was a cleaning lady at Sparkles Cleaning Service. It was my
own business. I was manager, cleaner, everything.

Miley: J: How old were you?

Miley: Probably, like, 10.

Jay: 10, okay.

Miley: And I cleaned the best windows. So if anyone wants their windows cleaned, I am the best.

Jay: Really?

Miley: Yes, the secret is you use newspaper. Spray it, then spray it on the newspaper, and then do it. There’s something with the paper that just really goes —

Jay: It’s the ink. It’s the ink.

Miley: It’s like — it’s the way that it ruffles. That sound, trust me everyone, it’s not annoying. It’s great when it’s squeaking on the cleaner.

Jay: It’s the squeak. It’s the squeaking noises.

Miley: Yeah, I love that sound.

Jay: How do you get customers? U a bunch of 10-year-olds want to clean your house.”

My mom was a huge customer.

Jay: Oh, I see.

Miley: Most of my money came from my mom. And my — I don’t know what you good customers as well. And we had one other customer. But, yeah, cleaning toilets wasn’t my favorite. We went off back and forth. But I was a darn good window cleaner.

Jay: Now, long brush with the thing on it when you were doing the toilets?

Miley: Yeah. See, I don’t get why people want a short brush. ‘Cause
the closer you are to I had the long one.

Jay: You know, actually, you know exactly what’s in there. That’s why

[ Laughter ]

Miley: That’s why you don’t Miley: That’s – I was good with it.

Jay: Okay, all right. Now, you’re going to be 16, what, next week?

Miley: Yes.

Jay: Okay. But you had a big birthday party. Right? Was that —

Miley: I did. Me and 7,000 of my closest

Jay: Wow.

Miley: That was fun.

Jay: Okay.

Miley: But see, here’s the problem, is I can never, like, outdo that.
It’s like, what do you do for birthday. A little quiet — okay, there’s Mickey.

Jay: Well, I saw another with, like, the castle behind you and fireworks going off.

Miley: Yes, that was very cool. I had lots of people there. And that
was And I did a couple of wardrobe changes, and I found, like, the perfect dress. It was, like, a Cinderella dress, as you saw in the picture.

Jay: Okay.

Miley: So I was very happy.

Jay: You had to

Jay: How was that? Was that all right?

Miley: Well, here’s the thing, is it was really fun and I was really
happy I got to, ’cause wouldn’t they see you —

Miley: I’m not buying them tickets.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Oh, I see.

Miley: And they have to pay for it themselves. And they’re all cheap. It wasn’t even like a boat. Like, we couldn’t even get the boat. It wasn’t a pontoon or anything, but it was, like, a and it was moving. And it was scary, a little bit. ‘Cause my mom, the last thing she said, “Don’t fall in the water. Good luck.” I’m like, “Great, don’t fall in the water,” in front of all of my 7,000 closest friends.

Jay: See, since you’ve been doing this for such a short time and you
got such tremendous success, you’ve never had a chance to work really awful,
awful gigs. You —

Miley: Awful gigs? You think cleaning toilets isn’t an awful gig?

Miley: Yeah, I never played anything really terrible.

Jay: Yeah, see, that’s what I’m saying. I mean, you have to — like,

Miley: I’ve been do my dad’s shows. Oh, just kidding.

Jay: Oh, hey!

[ Laughter ] Oh, man! Man!

Miley: I’m just kidding.

Jay: Man!

Miley: I love you, dad. It was like, “maybe I won’t ’cause I’m going
to get dogged tonight on the message boards, but I’m going to say it anyway.”

Jay: Look, we’ll take a a break. More with Miley right after this.

[ Cheers and applause

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Miley Cyrus. So, next week, the big
16. Are you driving yet?

Miley: Yeah.

Jay: Are you going to learn to drive? Are you going to get your license?

Miley: Duh. I’m so excited. I don’t know when it’s exactly going to
be. ‘Cause see, my mom, she’s been praying for me not to get it, and somehow,
like, the world is just putting everything in my way. I had the American
Music Awards. I have the Macy’s Day Parade in the way. So I’m trying to
find a good time that I can go and actually take the test.

Jay: Now, have you been taking lessons?

Miley: YH.

Jay: Now, how is that going?

Miley: It’s good. But driver, like, test person scares me.

Jay: Really, your driving instructor scares you?

Miley: Yes. Okay, let me show you what he does. All right, so I’m just
driving, I’m minding my own business, and it’s like, y know, looking in
the mirrors, whatever. And all of a sudden he goes like this. He’s like,
“All right, Miley, so if you make a left turn, what’s going to happen?” I’m
like, “Well, I don’t really know because I don’t want to make a left turn.
I want to make a rig turn.” He’s like, “Well, if you want to make a left
turn, what’s going to happen?” And I say, “Well, I don’t know. What is going
to happen?” He goes — going to happen to my brand new car?” And he just
starts hitting things, and it scares me.

[ Laughter ] And then —

Miley: J: Ha want him to fail me. And so then, I get in the car, right?
And there’s, like, this half-eaten sandwich? He puts it inches away from me. He’s like, “Is this how close you need to park to the thing.”

[ Laughter ] And I already have a big student driver thing above my
head anyway.

Jay: Oh, you have the test vehicle.

Miley: Someone threw a banana at me.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: When you’re driving do the road?

Miley: Yes. And you know what else? So I —

Jay: Wait, wait. Does it have the two steering wheels

Miley: Yeah.

Jay: Oh, that’s really lame.

Miley: That was my mom’s idea. F I’m doing he d like, he pushes st.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Miley: I think it’s rude.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Did a car pull up next

Miley: Yes, and they were, saying something. I couldn’t really understand what they were saying. And then, at first I thought and he goes, “oh, don’t worry, they’re just looking at e double steering wheel. People think that’s real cool.” There was a story, actually, about you on the news.

Miley: There was?

Jay: Yeah, about you driving. You didn’t see this?

Miley: No.

Jay: They mentioned you by name.

Miley: Can I see it?

Jay: Take a look.

Miley: In other news this no hour, she did not have a a driver’s license
not too surprising when you see what happened a teen tried to park at at

Miley: The surveillance video clearly shows it was a close call. This
is what happens when a a driver, believed to be —

[ Voiceover ] “Miley Cyrus” — mistook the gas pedal for the brake. On the gas pedal she pushed. Into the store the she went.

Jay: They mentioned you by name.

Miley: That wasn’t me.

Jay: No, no, just pulled it off the news.

> That definitely wasn’t me. It wasn’t yellow a didn’t say caution on

Jay: Now, you’re dating now also. Is that right?

Miley: I have my option. I say option, with no “s,” option.

Jay: So what is dating now? What do you do? Like, when I was a kid,
maybe used go to McDonald’s or something. What do you do —

Miley: Who were you dating?

[ Laughter ] You’re cheap!

Jay: This was a long time ago

Miley: “Hey, baby, let me take you to dollar menu. Get something real
nice. We’ll put some fudge on the hot sundae.”

Jay: Well, no, so what would be a date? Like 15, 16, what’s a date?

Miley: Like, movie and, like, food.

Jay: “Movie and, like, food.” Not actual food, just something like food.
Some food. I’m just saying.

Jay: Really?

Miley: But chicken fingers is good. But not from McDonald’s.

Jay: Okay, just chick

Jay: Okay, all right. I’m just trying to — not that I’m dating 16-year-olds. Please, I don’t wanna give the wrong idea. About it —

Jay: I’m not even thinking about it ’cause then I go to jail.

Miley: Chicken fingers is a great idea.A you can eat with your hands
is good.

Jay: I’m going to change this whole subject.

Miley: Yes, please.

Jay: Now, the new movie it comes out November 21st.

Jay: It’s animated.

Miley: Yes. And I play penny, who is Bolt’s, like, co-star/best friend.

Jay: A comic book character within the cartoon, correct?
Is that what it is?

Miley: Yeah.

Jay: A dog with super powers? His co-star on it. And he’s trying to
help me save my dad, basically, from the evil Dr. Calico. And he also thinks he has these can’t, you know, bk really loud and make everyone blow up and all this stuff. He has to realize that that’s not exactly real, which I love the script because it really does show the way that you can believe — to extent — you can believe that what you do for a living is actually your life, so.

Jay: Okay, let’s take a look, here we are. A scene from “Bolt.” You and John Travolta.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Wow, I get a mention in your movie.

Miley: Yes, did you.

Jay: Very cool. Well, listen, the movie opens next Friday.


Jay: Miley, happy birthday.

Miley: Thank you.

Jay: See you on the streets on your bike. Or in your c next time.

Miley: In my car.

Jay: Yeah. Be right back with Jason Statham right after this. Miley

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  1. kim says:

    I think this young person was very rude and loud to Jay Leno.

  2. Sal says:

    I saw her on the Tonight Show and I had to change the channel… she was annoying and just really loud! I don’t hate her or anything, just put off by the way she talked!

    I was glad that I didn’t have to hear her anymore because Los Angeles news had to cut into the program to talk about the wild fires.

    Nothing against her… just put off.

  3. Shree says:

    Stop the Miley hate she’s just having fun! She’s a teenager a-holes. Give the girl a break

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