Miley Cyrus Promotes ‘Breakout’ On LA’s KIIS FM

visited On Air with Ryan Seacrest at KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Monday (July 28), where the ‘Hannah Montana’ star talked about promoting her new album ‘Breakout’ last week in New York City. The 15-year-old talked about how she ended up with a 20-year-old best friend Mandy, the talk that ‘7 Things’ is about of the Jonas Brothers, how she hasn’t yet replaced Nick with a new boyfriend because “I haven’t found one.”

Asked if she’s been asked out since, Miley said, “Kinda sorta, but I’m not really into anybody.” Cyrus said 17-year-old is the age limit for her with boys right now. When Ryan suggested 18-year-olds can’t legally date her, Miley responded, “They do”, and told Ryan, “I need to meet some new people, Ryan.” Asked about her ideal 17-year-old boy, Miley said, “Dark hair. Preferable kinda tall. Likes Coldplay and plays guitar.”

Miley then talked about the Miley and Mandy Show, and the parody they did of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, and how they didn’t intend it to be mean. Miley said she and her mother are going on vacation starting tonight. “We both need a little break.” Then they talked about Ryan’s shark bite. Ryan got Miley’s father Billy Ray on the phone, and they talked a bit about Miley’s vacation to a destination she hasn’t been told.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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