Miley Cyrus Relieved By Her License Photo Results

Nancy O’Dell of ‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with on the set of ‘Hannah Montana’, where the 16-year-old talked about getting her learner’s permit and being more concerned about having her license photo taken than taking her test. “My picture’s not terrible,” she said. “That’s what I was most excited about. I was actually impressed. I was like, ‘Can I bring my own?’, and they were like, ‘No’.”

As for being up against Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce and Jamie Callum at next month’s Golden Globe Awards in the Best Original Song category for ‘I Thought I Lost You’, Cyrus said, “That’s quite a lineup. [Even] if you don’t take it, you’re in the same category as them and that’s like something I never thought would happen.” Watch the interview below the cut.

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