Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Videos

Miley Cyrus hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ last night, where the 18-year-old took on several roles, including getting dressed up as Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, and Justin Bieber. The show opened with Miley appearing as LiLo in a Charlie Sheen TV show ‘Duh! Winning!’. During her opening monologue, Miley sang a song making light of some of her controversial moments. Miley then appeared on the ‘Our Time With Taboo and’ as Fergie, upsetting her bandmates who were finally getting a chance at the limelight. A ‘Disney Channel Acting School’ advertisement was next, joined by to offer tips on how to act on the network. Miley then spoofed Baby V for the trailer to the new film ‘Beastly’. What was probably the most anticipated moment of her hosting night was when she appeared on ‘The Miley Cyrus Show’, where Miley is regularly played by Vanessa Bayer. Miley dressed up in purple coming out as the Bieb and brought up the middle finger, prompting Bayer to mention the salvia smoking incident. Miley’s next skit had her promoting Rock-A-Billy Lady Party cream, where buyers will also get a free Moisturizing Facial Cream CD. The final skit had Miley singing on a cruise ship about how gross the patrons of the lounge were. Watch them all below.

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