Miley Cyrus Starting A Band With Braison?

Miley Cyrus starting a band with Braison?

took some pictures goofing off with her younger brother Braison, writing about it on her Twitter:

How ironic. My brother is wearing all black and I am wearing all white. Story of our life together. =]

Brothers and sisters are as similar as hands and feet.

I just asked my brother to start a band with me. He replied with “Sorry. I’m to good for you.” Wow.

My little brother doing what he does best. CREEPING ME OUT! =] Love ya.

P.S. my brother is FREAKING OUT. He wants to make sure everyyyyone knows thats HIS sweet strat. Not mine. K Brazz?

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One thought on “Miley Cyrus Starting A Band With Braison?

  1. Punkai says:

    It would be awesome if these two siblings will rock the stage. I think they could make a good performance.

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