Miley Cyrus Talks Fashion

Miley Cyrus talks from her trailer talked fashion with MySpace’s The Fit on the set of her latest music video ‘Can’t be Tamed’. The teen went to her dressing room to talk about the bird themed outfits for the video with her stylist Simone Harouche then talked about liking feathers and mixing rocker with chic-ness, liking her Oscar red carpet dress the best, getting an outfit from Beyonce, and why she likes MySpace – though her answers didn’t make much sense because she’s never personally on MySpace and of course she famously quit using Twitter.

“My favorite red carpet outfit was the dress I wore to the Oscars, because I saw it and they were like you have to try on one more thing,” Miley explained. “No. That’s one dress I want but I hate fittings. I like looking at the clothes. I don’t want to put them on. That was the main reason. I only had to try on one dress because I really liked it. At first it was kind of like here comes the bride, because it was all white… so we made it champagne instead.”

Miley Cyrus with her stylist Simone HaroucheAs for the favorite thing in her giant closet, which fans have seen how large it is thanks to the Miley and Mandy show videos, she said, “My favorite thing that I have in my closet is a bedazzle cheetah. Beyonce gave it to me for Christmas and it says Miley on the back of it. That’s the one thing even though I’m not gonna like wear it to the club, it’s like my favorite thing I have in my closet because it was my first little something from Beyonce.”

Watch the feature below.

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