Miley Cyrus Twitters Away On Easter

Miley Cyrus riding with the top down

checked in with fans on her Twitter account on Easter Sunday (April 12) with several postings… though it’s been over a week since the ‘Hannah Montana’ star has talked about or @ boyfriend Justin Gaston on her account, which is intriguing especially in wake of her Saturday lunch date with ex Nick Jonas. Among the 16-year-old’s messages:

I miss my brother Trace :( happy Easter brudder. I love you, I hope you at least get some Easter candies…

Just got back from Demi!!! My friend, you are the bestest! Idk what I’d do without you!

@ddlovato I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you!!! I wuvv you! I can’t wait for our matching phones!!!

It’s not okay to snoop and take my pictures of what im texting “dear Charles” and no thats not code for Nick Jonas.

I’ve come to a conclusion. People want to find reasons not to like me. Whatever though =] Jesus died for my sins… LIFE IS SO GOOD!

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