Miley & Tish Cyrus Address The Revlon Run/Walk Participants

and her mother Tish were on hand for the Revlon Run/Walk For Women in Los Angeles on Saturday (March 9), talking with the crowd joining in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer this Mother’s Day weekend.

“Think of all the money that you’ve raised by working together,” the 16-year-old told the audience. “And you guys have been doing it 16 years, which for some of you all who have been doing it for 16 years, that’s as old as me. So this is pretty amazing, to have a foundation that has been working for so long and just as many people are here. The Revlon Run/Walk is seriously amazing, so make sure you guys keep it up. It’s something I want to be involved with for the rest of my live, and we’ll keep it going no matter how long it takes until all of our sisters are safe from these cancers.”

Watch the message below.

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