Miranda Cosgrove Loves Lipgloss

dishes to Popstar! magazine about her fave beauty products. The ‘iCarly’ star cited lipgloss.

“I just love lipgloss,” the teen said. “It’s like I have pretty much every color, like all different shades of pink inside of my makeup case or whatever. Then I have reds and cool colors like that. One of my best friends is really into bright colors so she’s given me all that stuff. Other than that if you were to empty my purse, you’d find a ton of lip gloss, a ton of blushes, eyeshadow, my cell phone, even though that’s not a beauty product. That’s the stuff I’m really into.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Miranda Cosgrove Loves Lipgloss

  1. soraya says:

    Miranda you are so PRETTY XX

  2. Ridhwan says:

    hi Miranda I hope I could meet you I love you I can’t stop think about you love Ridhwan

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Miranda I think you are the best.

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