Miranda Cosgrove Praises Betsey Johnson & Gwen Stefani

‘iCarly’ star talks fashion with Popstar! and dishes about her favorite clothing designer – Betsey Johnson.

“I kind of have a little collection of them,” Cosgrove said, “because I’ve always loved Betsey Johnson. For premieres and stuff like when my mom and I would look for a dress I’d go with Betsey Johnson. “I have this little collection. I get to go in and pick like cute ones. It’s also cool because I have a memory of the dress like the first time I wore it or whatever. I’ll have one I wore to some premiere and I’ll remember that I went with my friends.”

Miranda also cited No Doubt singer and L.A.M.B. designer as her style idol. “She’s just awesome all the way around. I love her clothing line,” Cosgrove said. “I love L.A.M.B. and those Harajuku tops. They’re so cute. I have all sorts of them.”

Watch the comments below.

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