Miranda Cosgrove’s Fun Day At The Ivy And Kitson

was spotted having lunch at The Ivy and Kitson on Monday (June 15), where the Hollywood.tv paparazzo asked the ‘iCarly’ star to go to their Millions of Milkshakes store and another asked the Nickelodeon star how it was going at Disney! The teen also posed with fans.

Cosgrove wrote on her Twitter (@MirandaBuzz) afterwards:

Shopping with @hungrygirl! I thought I was going to work all day and was surprised! I get to do fun things all day for my birthday! Ahhh?!?

Getting my nails done! This day has been so much fun!

Best day ever! I had the most amazing time today! I went shopping, had lunch at the Ivy, got my nails done, and had the best cake! :-)

Watch footage below.

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