Mischa Barton ‘Knew She’d Be Naked’ In Iglesias Video

Mischa Barton was on MTV’s Total Request Live with her ‘The O.C.’ co-stars Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody. Qudus asked if she had any idea she’d be taking her clothes off for ’ ‘Addicted’ video. “Yes, I did,” the 17-year-old actress admitted. “We wanted it to be kind kind of racy and Peter [Berg] is a great director and he’s one of my favorites. I knew he’d do something cool with it. His videos are kind of racy.” Brody asked Barton what was the 28-year-old Iglesias in jail for during the video. “He wasn’t inside of jail,” Barton replied. A misunderstanding? “He’s locked inside of his pain in pain and misfortune because he can’t be with me,” Barton said.

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5 thoughts on “Mischa Barton ‘Knew She’d Be Naked’ In Iglesias Video

  1. right_wing says:

    Wow 17 is it just me or is that a bit young to be appearing nude?

  2. LocaEnamorada says:

    The video is far from cool. It’s sickening. This girl has no morals. And where was her mother??? I heard that she was actually on the set during shooting. What kind of mother would let her 17 years old girl to be naked in front of 28 year old man? The video doesn’t make any sense anyway. Why is he locked inside his pain that he can’t be with her? Doesn’t he, at the end of the video, wake up from his day dreaming and she is right there with him?

  3. dancindiva3232 says:

    There are tons of beautiful women he could of got to do this video, why a 17 year old? Ya she is gorgeous but don’t you have to be at least 18 to do that kinda stuff?

  4. popnicklover says:

    Gosh, people…it’s just a music video! For how long was she nude in the video? Probably only a few seconds…plus she was nude on The O.C. and had sex with an older guy! Mischa Barton is practically 18, an adult. How many videos have had minor girls posing as nude in them? Probably a lot more than you think! Why is everyone so upset by this one? Of course, I’m not so sure it should be played on TRL…but whatever. It’s just a damn music video! I’d say get over it, people!

  5. rachel says:

    Thank you popnickluver, she turns 18 in 3 months. Someone please tell me what maturity will take place during this 3 months span. Half of these people are being hypocritical, I bet @ their tender ages there aren’t even virgins. Which is pretty sad but they are criticizing a 17 years old for getting naked in front of a camera. She is doing the same thing as million of teens today, the difference is that she appeared public and seems like its such a big deal. And plus hers is acting so whats the big deal!

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