Missed Flight Pays Private Jet Dividends To Lesley Roy

Lesley Roy

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lesleyroy) on Tuesday (January 27), talking about how she and her guitarist Dave Immerman missed flight that turned into a chance to fly the equivalent of a private jet last week. The Irish pop rock singer tells readers:

As you all know I’ve been doing a lot of travelling the past year or so and I’m pretty used to airports and schedules, I’m always on time and I’ve pretty much never missed a flight. On Friday night however, Dave and I where in Raleigh getting a flight back to NYC for the weekend, we had just finished a long tough week of travelling around doing radio promotions and shows. So we get to the airport and our flight is on time for 6:20 a few mins later it gets delayed to 8:00 so obviously Dave and myself decide to get some food and maybe a drink, after a short time in the bar we go back to our gate still thinking we are on time only to find everybody gone, the airport was pretty much closing for the night, we go to the lady at the desk and she’s like “I’m sorry we put everybody on an earlier flight, we have been calling your names for over an hour!!” So basically Dave and I didn’t hear our names and we missed our flight.

Fortunately for us, instead of having to go and find a hotel we were sent back to NYC by ourselves on a private jet, we were just lucky enough that there was a plane that needed to go back to NY!!! So we felt like complete rock stars for the next few hours, the pilot and staff on the American Airlines flight were so much fun and we had an awesome time having free drinks and singing as loud as we could on the empty jet!!!

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