Mississippi Reacts To Bass In Space Talk

The Biloxi Sun Herald spoke with Mississippi Economic Council President Blake Wilson on news that their hometown boy of *NSYNC may be flying into space later this year. Wilson said, “I think it’s great. It helps put Mississippi on the map. Now, what we need to do is get him a good plate of crawfish etouffee from Mary Mahoney’s and hot sauce from Tommy Monroe and let the Russians know about the Mississippi Coast.”

Says Looks Like Things A Go On Space Trip

Carson Daly told fans watching Total Request Live on Friday that he had spoken with *NSYNC’s about his quest to fly into space aboard a Russian rocket. Carson said, “Real quick, I did speak with Lance from *NSYNC yesterday. ‘Like dude are you going to space or what?’. We reported two days ago it was sort of a done deal then MTV News came in and they — at least painted the picture yesterday they — it might not be happening and it is very, in Lance’s words, I’ll make this quick, it is a very big deal to go to space, a lot of security issues around it and getting there and who is doin’ what and this and that. He said this is a big dream of his, he’s taking it very seriously despite some of the jokes you might have read but as soon as he can he will call into the show and set the record straight for everybody. But he’s very excited taking it seriously and looks like things are a go.”

‘A Happy Place’ Says Lance Is ‘Definitely Going’ Into Space

February 22, 2002 – Zap2it.com reports a source at Lance Bass’ production company, A Happy Place, says that as far as anyone there knew, the deal to send *NSYNC’s Lance Bass into space later this year was sealed. “As far as I know it’s a confirmation that he’s definitely going,” said the source. “Our boss is going to space.”

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