Missy Higgins & Jason Mraz Announce Exclusive Adelaide Concert

will return from America for a special concert under the stars with on Friday, April 17th, in Adelaide’s Bonython Park.

“I did some touring with Jason in the States a few years back and I was blown away by his voice and his confidence on stage,” the Australian singer songwriter said in a press release. “That, along with the fact that I hear he’s got a hit single at the moment means I reckon he’s going to be eaten alive by the Adelaidians. In a good way, of course!”

The San Diego singer songwriter added, “Missy is such a pure and authentic artist, I always love the chance to experience her singing. I haven’t seen her in a few months since we crossed paths at a little sushi bar in Salt Lake City, Utah while both on tour in the US. I would feel so lucky to get the chance to collaborate on stage in Adelaide–it would be the highlight of our Australian tour!”

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4 thoughts on “Missy Higgins & Jason Mraz Announce Exclusive Adelaide Concert

  1. fluffy dog says:

    This is total bull sh** she isn’t touring with him you a-holes

  2. crimsson says:

    um yeah she is!

  3. Laura says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! I just got a ticket to the concert. Can’t Wait! YAY!!!

  4. marysia says:

    is alcohol allowed at the Jason Mraz Missy Higgins concert at Bonython Park?

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