Missy Higgins On Musicians Burning Out

Earvolution caught up with for a Q&A and asked the singer about how some musicians can burn out easily. “I think for most of them it’s probably mismanagement,” Higgins reasoned. “I think a manager has a lot to do with how an artist is presented and marketed. Sometimes a record company pastes an image on people and skews them in a certain direction, and then puts them in every possible thing they could be in, Pepsi ads and things like that. It’s just inevitable that the artist is going to lose touch of the reality of why they started writing music in the first place and why they became a musician and that’s because they loved it. I just think the best thing is to have the people who are around you, the record company and the management, to have faith in you as an artist and work with you rather than to steer you in their direction.” Read more.

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